Workhouse Child By Maggie Hope : Novel Review

27th October 2016
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Workhouse Child Written By Maggie Hope

workhouse child maggie hope


 About The Author

Maggie hope was born in Durham which is in the United Kingdom. She worked many years as a nurse before giving up here work to raise a family.

Workhouse Child Novel Story Line

This book tells a story about a girl called Lottie. She is 3 years when her mother dies. She has no relatives and is sent to a workhouse.

The work house is a place where children with no family are sent. A life spent in the workhouse is hard and miserable, children had to work and do chores cleaning the work house .

Any child raised in the work house would have a dull future with no hope and full of poverty and hardships

Lottie is a very bright girl and wants a better future, she likes to write and dreams of becoming a writer one day. As Lottie grows she is sent out of the work house, to work for herself.

Will Lottie’s life ever change? Will she ever achieve her dream of becoming a writer one day. This you will have to find out yourself when you read the book,   I don’t want to spoil it for you.

What I Thought About The Book

This novel is full of unexpected twists in the story line. It’s a novel which I found difficult to put aside as I wanted to read more and more.

It’s interesting and it’s well written. It tells a story of hardships and poverty. Although Lottie is a very strong and determined girl I couldn’t help as I felt feel pity for her.

This book taught me that in life people go through many problems but the most important thing is to come out strong during and after the problems.

The book also carries a lesson of perseverance to achieve your dreams.

In retrospective to Lottie’s life as a child in this book I feel grateful  and grateful to the life I had as a child.

I am proud to have grow up in an era were workhouse are now a thing of the past and children cared properly.


This book is a very good read and I highly recommend to anyone who likes to read a good book with a meaningful story line set in a historical scene.

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  Workhouse Child By Maggie Hope : Novel Review

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