Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow By Claudia Carroll- Novel Review

13th April 2017
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Here are is a novel review of…

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow By Claudia Carroll

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow By Claudia Carroll

About The Author

The author of the novel Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow is Claudia Carroll. She is Irish. She is a writer and also an actress.

Story Line Of The Novel

This novel is about a young couple, Annie and Dan. The couple lives in a small village in Irish and they live at Dan’s parents house with Dan’s mother and his little sister Julie.

Annie feels her life is boring. Her husband Dan is a workaholic and she feels she is being neglected. Living at Dan’s parents house is not helping the situation.

Her mother in law is constantly bothering her with one thing or the other she is fade up.

Annie likes acting. She has applied and got a role as an actress in a smash hit show. Unfortunately, she has to leave the country and go to New York for a year.

She is faced with the decision of leaving her husband behind to follow her dream.

But her relationship with her husband is already hanging by the thread. Can their relationship survive this long break?

Read more to find out want happens next.

What I Thought About This Novel

I thought this novel was enjoyable. The story line was easy to follow and was believable. The story in the novel has a lesson on not taking people in your life for granted especially your partner.

In this book, Dan is workaholic and has no time for his wife. This happens a lot in many marriages when people forget the other person because of having too much work.

This book shows why communication is key in marriage or any type of relationship. The lessons in this book can be easily applied to build a successful relationship.

I also like how the author used the “meet me at the moon” phase to emphasise that although people might not be at the same place at the same time somehow they are still connected.

I really enjoyed reading this book before going to bed at night


I would recommend this novel to someone who likes a good read. If you like to read on relationships then this novel is for you.

Over to you…

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