Why You Should Crop Rotate Your Vegetables In Your Garden

10th May 2018
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Do you rotate crops in your home vegetable garden or your allotment?

Rotating your crops in your home vegetable garden each year has many benefits.

Crop rotation is something that I enjoy doing since I started gardening as a hobby a few years ago and I can say that it has really benefited my garden soil.

Each year I plan out the vegetables that I want to grow and write down the layout in my simple gardening notebook.

This is very handy for remembering the month I planted seedlings which vegetable I planted in which garden vegetable patch.

Keeping a garden planning record like this will guide you on how you rotate your vegetables each year.

crop rotation

Here are the reasons you should rotate your vegetable in your garden.

1. Pest And Diseases

Most vegetables that are from the same family are usually attacked by the same pest and diseases.

Moving your plants and growing them somewhere else will help to keep the diseases and pest at a low level.

2. Weeds Control

Some vegetables are great for keeping weeds at bay such as potatoes.

On the other hand, some vegetables are not good at this.

Rotating your vegetables will help you to have control on weeds in your garden.

3. Nutrients

Every plant needs a diversity of nutrients in the soil to grow well.

Some plants take away nutrients in the soil while other plants add nutrients to the soil.

For example peas and beans add nitrogen in the soil whereas corn will take out a lot of nitrogen from the soil.

It’s important to rotate your crops so that your soil stays healthy full of nutrients.

Having a high yield of healthy crops can only be achieved by rotating your crops making sure that your soil is rich in nutrients.

Over to you…

Which vegetables do you grow in your garden?

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