6 Reasons Why You Need To Shop With A Grocery List

22nd May 2017
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Dreading your next grocery shopping?

Without a grocery shopping list, you will find yourself wondering up and down the aisles of the supermarket.

grocery shopping list


Finding it difficult to pick your grocery items as you are not even sure what to buy.

Here is why you need a grocery list on your next visit to the supermarket

1. Shopping With A Grocery List Saves Money.

When you have a grocery shopping list you find that you will save money when you are doing your shopping because you will only buy items on your list.

It’s harder to go over your grocery budget with with a shopping list without you noticing it.

With a grocery shopping list, you reduce the number of times that you go to the supermarket thereby making it easy to stay away from the temptation of spending more money on groceries.

2. Shopping With A Grocery List Saves Time.

Who wants to spend hours in a supermarket?

Wouldn’t you want to shop faster?

If you want to shop faster than you need to have a grocery shopping list. You will be in and out of the supermarket before you know it you are back home.

To shop even faster know the actual layout of your supermarket. Memorize it if it helps.

I do most of my grocery at my local Aldi and at Tesco and I am know the lay out of these supermarket by heart.

Now if I was to go to any Aldi or Tesco in another town, I wouldn’t find it difficult to shop there.

I have the navigation layout in my head of these shops so shopping there will be fun and easy.

By knowing your supermarket layout you will shop faster there is no need to look for things.

But be warned supermarket are clever at this game. They are constantly changing the positions of items in aisles so that you can spend more time in their shop looking for things.

They know that if you spent more time in the shop you are more likely to spent more money.

So do yourself a favor stop if you can’t find something in its usual place in the supermarket just ask a member of staff. This will save you time and money.

3. Shopping With A Grocery List Helps You To Eat Healthily.

Planning your grocery trips with a list means you will also plan your meals.

If you plan your meals you are more like to eat healthily.

If you go grocery shopping without a list you are more likely to put some unhealthy items in your trolley as you will be shopping aimlessly.

4. Shopping With A Grocery List Helps You Stop Wasting Food.

Have you ever gone shopping and you came back only to realise that you have bought fruits and vegetables that you already had in the fridge.

And now you apparently find yourselves with many perishable foods that you can’t finish them all, without some of them going bad.

Leaving you with one agonizing option which is to throw them in the bin.

When you plan out your grocery shopping list you are more likely to check what you have in the house before setting foot to the supermarket.

Check your pantry, cupboards, fruit basket, vegetable basket, fridge and freezer when planning your shopping list.

6.Shopping With A Grocery And Avoid Impulse Shopping.

Buy one get one free.

Half price.

Was £3 Now £2.50.

With a grocery shopping list, you avoid buying things that you don’t need.

You avoid being in the trap of buying things you don’t need.

Some offers are best left alone don’t just buy every offer see in the supermarket.

Look at your grocery list and shop what is there only.

Avoid looking at those loud yellow and red stickers shouting at you  “pick  me I deserve to be in your basket.”

To summaries the tips in this article every time you go for your grocery shopping take with you a grocery shopping list as this will save you money and time.

Over to you…

Do you go grocery shopping with a list?

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