We Just Got An Allotment

28th June 2018
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We couldn’t wait to share with you the great news that we got an allotment.

If you have been following us here for a while you will know that  our family has green fingers we love gardening.

We decided to apply for an allotment last year mainly because we wanted to grow more vegetables and fruits.

We finally got the allotment this year in May and we are so excited about it.

allotment tree

Our kids love it they call it “the farm”.

The allotment has a lot of weed that needs to be taken out.

We live a busy life with kids so we will be going to the allotment during the weekends mostly.

With the time that we have for this year, we are not keen on planting many things as the planting season is almost finished.

We will need to clear the weeds and dig the soil to soften it up.

We are also not sure of what we will plant during the winter months yet.

The allotment is quite close to our house about 5 minutes drive and we have easy access to water tapes for watering the vegetables which is a bonus.

On arriving on our new allotment we felt welcomed we had our surrounding neighbours coming to us introducing themselves.

We even got some tips and advice on how to clear the allotment.

We received tomatoes, butternuts, courgettes and squash seedlings, from our kind allotment neighbours.

We did not have a hosepipe on our allotment and one of our allotment neighbours gave us one which we are grateful for.

An allotment can be a bit expensive at the start so we are willing to accept anything from our neighbours that can help us.

Luckily we have a garden at home so we have most essential tools that one need to use for gardening.

Here Are Pictures Of Our Allotment


As you can see there are are many weeds and there are no vegetable beds.

We are planning to make beds and leave the backend of the plot untouched we are hoping to create an orchard full of different fruits.

This is the side view of the plot our neighbour  has a nice play area for kids.

alloment photo back

There is a wooden shade on the plot which we use to keep our tools.

There are also two water butts which we hope to use in the coming years to create a timed watering system this will save us time for watering our plants.

There is also a bit of rubbish that was left by the previous owner we hope to clear with time as we were promised that a skip will be left by the main allotment gate for the new allotment owners to throw rubbish from their plots.


allotment back

There are some overgrown onions on the plot that we are already harvesting.

There is also a giant rhubarb plant can you see it the photo above?

Lets see how good you are at spotting things.

Right at the back of  the fence there are blackberries already floweing looking forward to harvesting these.

I think will be making a lot of blackberries crumble, blackberry jam and will be freezing some to include in our smoothies.

allotment front 1

There are four plastic chairs and one wooden chairs which were already at the allotment these fits our family of five perfectly.



allotment pear tree

There already 3 trees at the plot we know that one of them is a pear tree we don’t know what kind of trees the other trees are.

As you can see in the picture above the pear tree is being choked by weeds and the hedge we are hoping to remove the weeds and cut down the hedge a bit.

I will post a picture of the two trees in my next article about the allotment maybe you might help us out.

pear tree

The pear tree has some pears already we hope to harvest these in autumn.


allotment strawberries

There is also this long bed of strawberries we have already started to harvest and we have put some in the freezer and we have given one of our neighours at the allotment.

However, we have had a just few strawberries eaten by slugs but we can’t complain much as we are harvesting strawberries that we did not labour for.

strawberry harvest

Here is the third harvest of our strawberries from the allotment we are certainly enjoying them they are juicy and sweeter than the ones from the supermarkets.

We will be updating you with our progress on our plot in the next coming months.

Over to you…

Do you love growing your own vegetable and fruits?

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