Top 6 Baby Essentials To Buy In Bulk And Save Money

12th July 2016
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Babies, they are lovely aren’t they? But how much do they cost?

baby costs

The cost of buying baby essentials is quite high, especially in their first year.

Most parents prepare for their new born child by spending thousands of pounds but can you prepare for your baby arrival by just spending a few hundred pounds?

You can reduce the cost of buying some of these baby essentials in bulk before and after you baby’s arrival.

1. Nappies

When babies are born they use as much as 10 – 12 nappies a day, the quantity will decrease as they grow older.

The average cost of one nappy is 14.8p  and the average cost of nappies for the first 2 years of your child is around £800 according to What Price.

But don’t be alarmed by this figure you can reduce the cost of nappies dramatically by shopping in bulk and shopping wisely.

When buying nappies don’t look for the total price, look at the actual cost of one nappy.

and when you see a good offer grab not just one pack of nappies but grab a few because you will need them.

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2. Wipes

When you are changing your baby’s nappies you will need wipes and you will need plenty of them.

You will need to use wipes even after you have finished with potty training.

Wipes are handy for those quick clean ups be it messy hands or mouth.

They are a must have for parents and they tend to keep them within arms reach for examples in the diaper bag, car, push chair, hand bag.

Always buy wipes in multi-pack rather than a single pack. A single pack of wipes cost more than a big box of wipes.

Always look for offers of big boxes of wipes and remember not to be loyal to one brand try out other less expensive brand as well.

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3. Baby Wash and Shampoo

Most babies love bathing as it calms them down and it relieves colic pains.

Through I would discourage you to buy plenty of baby wash and shampoo before your baby’s arrival.

I would encourage you to buy plenty of baby shampoo and wash after you have actually tested it on your baby and you have seen it suits them checking if they are not reacting to the shampoo and baby wash.

Look for sales when you buy baby wash and shampoo and use vouchers which can be found online sites such as Super Savvy Me

4.Baby Formula

Breast milk is the best but not all babies are breastfeed instead formula milk is used.

Formula milk costs a lot and some hungry babies will even drink even more milk.

Buying formula milk in bulk like a whole big tab instead of buying the already made milk in small carton will save you money.

5.Baby Food

By the age of 6 months, some babies will be ready to start solids some even start earlier than that.

Some babies can consume from 2 jars to 3 jars a day in depends on baby’s appetite.

Buying baby food in bulk will save you money as baby food usually go on offer during baby event in most supermarkets

6.Laundry Detergent And Fabric Conditioner.

Babies need to change their clothing at least 3 to 4 times each day so you will do a lot of washing.

You will definitely need a lot of laundry detergent and fabric conditioner.

You can save up to 50% on laundry detergent and fabric conditioner if you buy in bulk.

Over To You….

Babies use the above list of items a lot of times so it’s a good idea to buy these items in bulk to save money.

Are you doing enough to save money on these baby essentials by buying them in bulk?

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