Top 10 Items To Recycle At Home

3rd November 2016
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Many things around our homes can be recycled. But are we doing our best to recycle these things?

Funny how our grannies used to keep and mend things in the olden days. We have failed to learn from them and we have become a throwaway society.

Recycling at home

The amount of stuff we send to landfill is alarming. Throwing away things you can recycle is not such a wise thing to do.

We can reduce a number of things we throw away and help the environment. We will also be able to save our money by re -using things instead of throwing them and running to buy the same thing again.

Here are 10 Items To Recycle At Home 

1. Plastic bags.

Plastic can be reused in so many ways from making fleece jumpers,  fleece jackets, t-shirts, carpet, sleeping bags just to mention a few things.

Most supermarkets accept used plastic bags so if you are done using your plastic bags at home you can recycle them at you local supermarket.

When you are using plastic bags at home make sure you use them more than once. In our house we have invested in so that we reduce the the wastage on plastic bags and money each time we go shopping.

2. Old Pillow.

If you have a worn pillow that has seen its better days, instead of throwing it in a bin you could recycle it, buy folding it and turn it into a chair cushion

You can also turn your old pillow into a pet bed.

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3. Glass Jars

Glass jars can be used to store many things around the home from food to craft items. Glass jars can be used to make an inexpensive homemade gift to friends and family.

The next time you are about to throw a glass jar take a minute to think about what you use it for.

3. Egg shells.

As a nation, we eat more eggs every day mostly at breakfast but we are those egg shells going? Egg shell can be recycled and used for many things.

Egg shells can be used as compost. You can even ground the egg shells and use them to clean your dirty pots and pans in the kitchen. They make a great scrub.

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4. Old Jeans

There are many ways to reuse old jeans. You can use old jeans to make cushion covers, placements, handbag.

Here are 40 More Ideas Of How To Recycle Old Jeans

5. Glass Candle Holders Jars

Do you like buying candles? I like buying candles especially scented candles. If you are like me and you like buying and using candles what do you do with the empty jars.

I don’t throw the glass jars away as they make perfect storage for many things around my home. After  I have used the candle to the last bit, I de-wax the candle jar with boiling water.

I use these jars to store my home office items such as paper clips, and pens. You can also store things like sweets and biscuits.

6. Old Towels

I mainly use old towels  for rugs around the home. I cut old towels into 12 inch by 12 inch square and make the rugs to clean my home with.

You can also turn old towels into beautiful bath mat like this one.

7. Old Pots

Instead of throwing away your old pots you can use them to plant flowers. This will make a great display in your garden.

8. Old Furniture.

Old furniture can be reused to make something new and even more expensive. Whether you want a shabby chic or modern finish this can be achieved with a little DIY.

You can easily turn an old tired grubby furniture such as a chest of drawer into something new by simply sanding and painting it.

For More Inspiration Read: 22 Clever Ways To Re-Use Furniture.

9. Plastic Milk Bottles.

Plastic milk bottles can be used for planting seeds. you need to make sure you put enough holes on the bottom and on the side to make sure you don’t flood your plants each time you water them.

10. Empty Egg Cartons

Just like plastic milk bottles, you can use empty egg cartons to plants seeds in them instead of buying planters from the shops.

Over to you…

What else do you recycle in your house?

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