Top 10 Best-Sellers At Car Boot Sales

3rd May 2018
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They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure this is often so true when it comes to selling and buying things from a car boot sales.

Car boot sales offer an opportunity for people to clear their clutter houses and sell their unwanted items to others.

Car boot sales

It’s one way that one can make an extra money as a seller.

For the buyer, it’s one way to grab a bargain so its a win-win solution for both the buyer and the seller.

At car boot sales you can sell all sort of things.

But what are the top things that buyers want to buy at a car boot sales?

1. Clothes

Any kind of clothing sells well from baby clothing to men’s clothing you name it.

Branded clothing tend to sell more at car boot sales than non- branded clothing.

If you want to sell more of your clothing you need to present your clothing on a clothing rail rather than pilling your clothes on the ground.

Make you sell things that are for the weather season you are in.

For example, when you in summer sell summer things and when you are in winter sell winter things.

This will help you to sell your things at reasonable prices.

2. Books

There are still a number of people out there who still enjoy reading from an actual book and are ever looking for books at Car book sales.

Books of any kind sales well at car boots sales.

3. Furniture

Before sending your furniture to the trash think about selling it at the car boot sales.

Furniture such as bedside tables, cupboards, dinning tables and chairs all sale well at car boot sales.

Some of the styles of furniture that sales well include antiques, recto and shabby chic and even modern furniture sales well.

4. Vinyl Records

With the come back of vinyl record players, there is a high demand for vinyl records at car boot sales.

Buyers want to buy vinyl records from different artist whether they are still alive or have passed on.

So if you have some vinyl record stashed somewhere in the house you might actually make money out of them.

5. Kids Toys

Kids outgrow their toys just as they do with their clothing.

Toys sale well at car boots especially branded toys.

Before taking your kids toys to sell at car boot sales make sure that all the parts of the toys are there.

You might also need to put batteries in the toys that need them, as it will be easy to demonstrate to buyers that the toys you are selling actually work.

It also a good idea to make sure you clean your toys before taking them to a car boot.

Noone is interested in buying a grubby looking toy for a child.

6. Perfume and Cosmetics

Good brands of perfume sale well at Car boot sales.

It does not matter whether they are used or boxed perfumes people will still buy both.

Cosmetics such as unused face powder, lipgloss. lipstick, eyeliner  and concealer all sell at car boot sales for good prices.

With cosmetic people like to buy new instead of used items for hygiene purposes.

7. Small Electrical Items

People are always looking for small electrical items that they need to use at their home at car boot sale.

Small items such as phones, kitchen small appliances, radios and tablets  are great for selling at car boot sales

Before taking electrical items to the car boot make your the items are working well and are not faulty.

8. Garden Tools

If you have garden tools laying somewhere in the shed that you no longer us it might be worth to clean them at taking them to a car boot.

Garden tools sell better during the gardening season from spring to late summer so it best to sell them during this time.

9. Clocks and Watches

Clocks and watches new and old sell well at car boot sales.

Check to see if they are still working before selling them to anyone.

If they are not working and you are selling them for parts explain this to buyers before they buy from you.

10. Collectables

People love to collect many collectable items such as  comics, swords, china tableware, old school games, money coins they sell well at car boot sales

Over to you…

Do you like selling at car boot sales?

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