The Stepmothers’ Support Group By Sam Baker – Book Review

5th December 2017
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Here is a book review of

The stepmothers' support group
The Stepmothers’ Support Group By Sam Baker

About The Author

The author of the novel stepmothers’ support group is Sam Baker. She was born in Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

She studied at Birmingham University before becoming a journalist. She has edited many big magazines in the UK.

Story Line Of The Novel

The Stepmothers’ support group tells a story of 5 women who come together to share their struggles and worries as either stepmothers or potential stepmothers.

The novel mainly focuses on Eve who is the main character in the novel.

Eve finds herself in love with a man called Ian who is a widower and has three children.

Their love for each other grows and they decide that Eve should move into Ian’s’ house.

Ian lost his wife to cancer, the children are too attached to the father and Hanna who is the older child is finding it difficult to accept Eve in her life.

She makes it difficult for Eve to settle in her family.

Ian is not very sympathetic with Eve and he always put his children first.

Eve has a group of friends, Clare, Lily, Mel, Mandy and they meet regularly over coffee and wine discussing their love lives and their worries.

Will Eve be ever accepted by all her stepchildren how will this affect her relationship with Ian?

I will not spoil it for you read more to find out.

What I Thought About This Novel.

This novel addressed the problems faced by many stepmothers across the world.

It’s a very easy to read novel and is written beautifully. The storyline is great, realistic and there are many people who can relate to the story.

Once I started to read this novel I just loved it and could not put the book down.

The author illustrates that being a stepmother is never an easy job it requires patience, forgiveness, and kindness.

The relationship of Eve and Hanna shows how it can be difficult for stepmothers to bond with their stepchildren.

The novel also addresses problems faced by men trying to finding a balance between children or a new partner  “the stepmother”.

In this novel, Ian finds it difficult to discipline his child Hanna which compromised his relationship with Eve.

I think this book is very relevant to today’s society as there are many families with stepmothers.

Any stepmother out there would find comfort in reading this book knowing that there are many other people out there facing the same problem of being a stepmother.

I highly recommend this book not just to stepmothers but to anyone who likes reading a great relationship book.

Over to you…

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