The Silent Wife By A.S.A Harrison – Book Review 8

26th August 2016
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Here is a book review of

The Silent Wife By A.S.A Harrison

The silent wife

About The Author

 A.S.A Harrison is the author of The Silent Wife, she sadly passed away in 2013 whilst working on her a new book.

The Story Line Of The Novel

The Silent Wife tells a story of a couple Todd and Jodi. They are not married but they have lived together for more 20 years. They have no children.

Jodi is a psychologist she practices at home. Todd is a property developer, and has his faults, he has had numerous affairs over the years and Jodi has accepted his faults by keeping silent.

Todd has fallen in love with a young girl Natasha old enough to be her own daughter. Natasha’s father is called Dean and he is child childhood best friend of Todd. Natasha is pregnant Todd is soon to be a father. 

He decided to leaves Jodi and gets a place to live with Natasha. He starts eviction proceedings to get Jodi out of the home they have lived together.

All this is happening and Jodi knows about it and is silent.

“Jodi’s great gift is her silence, and he has always loved this about her… but silence is also her weapon. The woman who refuses to object, who doesn’t yell and scream – there’s strength in that and power,”

How far can she go in her world of silence? I will leave that for you to discover when you have read the book?

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What I Thought About The Book

What makes this book great are the two great characters, Jodi and Todd. Jodi is a very strong character. Todd is portrayed as a promiscuous partner the one who can’t settle with one woman.

I liked the way the author writes the chapters by referring the chapters him and her. There are plenty of twists and turns to make this book a good read.

Life Lessons In This Novel

Promiscuous partners are bad in relationships they bring in a lot of problems even murder. These problems can affect everyone in the relationship.

Being silent in a relationship you are not happy is also not a good thing it will force you to do things that you thought you were not capable of.

It very important to talk to each other to build a strong relationship.


I highly recommend these book to anyone in any kind of a relationship as this book will open your eyes.

 If you want to read this book you can get a copy here

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