The Rise And The Fall Of A Domestic Diva By Sarah May Novel Review

20th July 2017
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Here are is a book review of

The Rise And The Fall Of A Domestic Diva By Sarah May

About The Author

The author of the novel is Sarah May.

Sara May is an English author. Her other popular novels include, and

Story Line Of The Novel

The novel tells a story of Kate Hunter who lives in Prendergast Road in London.

The area where she lives is full of drug dealers and prostitutes however the house prices there are high.

She is married and has two children.

She has a busy schedule being a working mum.

She likes to maintain a high life which cost her family a lot of money and clearly can’t afford it.

She tries to live a life where she keeps up with her friends and neighbours.

This comes with telling lies here and there to keep up with the Joneses

What I Thought About This Novel

I thought this novel was funny and will definitely make you laugh.

It’s well written with a lot of characters.

However whilst reading this novel I thought the characters were too many such that it made the storyline difficult to understand at times.

Overall it was a great novel full of humor.

I recommend this novel to anyone who wants a quick novel to read.

Over to you…

Which books are you reading?

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