The Quick Guide To Slip And Fall Recovery

15th March 2018
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Have you slipped and fallen and acquired injuries at one point or another?

“Slip and fall” accidents are serious matters.

In fact, they are the foremost cause of visits in the emergency room and leading cause of a worker’s compensation claims.

Slip and Fall

If you are suffering a slip and fall injury, a recovery is crucial to your welfare.

Specific recovery actions will differ based on the level of severity and the actual injury that you are suffering.

Also, your doctor may have particular recommendations.

Meanwhile, consider the following recovery tips and keep them in mind.

1. Know the Right Diagnosis

It is crucial to know the correct diagnosis before proceeding too far into a recovery plan.

To obtain the right diagnosis, schedule an appointment with a doctor or physician.

If your injury seems serious, take a trip to the emergency room.

In other cases, a patient will need to consult with a specialist.

Your part is to describe the range of symptoms you are feeling and remember not to leave any details out.

Furthermore, be proactive throughout your appointments and ask the doctor what he or she suspects.

It could be a broken bone, concussion or sprain.

Also, your doctor what tests will be used to diagnose your injuries.

2. Discuss Strategies For Your Recovery With Your Doctor

You and your doctor can begin discussing the various recovery strategies you can go through immediately upon knowing the right diagnosis.

The severity of your injuries determines if you must go through surgery or if there’s another option for intensive treatment.

Doctors may either recommend a certain regimen for you to recover, prescribe proper medication, or both.

3. Eat Right and Get Lots of Sleep

The amount of sleep you get and what you eat has a huge impact on your body’s capability to recover from a slip and fall injury.

Not getting proper sleep add stress to your body.

  • Sleep helps heal wounds: The healing of your wounds is assisted by cell division, protein synthesis, and rebuilding and growth of tissue. All of those are aided by plenty of sleep.

  • Your food affects the way your body heals: Your body produces white blood cells to areas that safeguard your wound, manage repair process and fight infection. How your wounds heal depends on your diet and the amount of nutrients your body receives. Protein and collagen are vital to your body’s healing process, so you must eat both.

    Slip and fall accidents

4. Follow Doctor’s Orders

Always remember to follow a doctor’s orders even if sometimes it is not easy or convenient to do so.

On top of following what your doctor says, you must do regular follow-up appointments with your doctor.

You must attend all your doctor’s appointment to guarantee your healing and recovery is right on track.

5. Manage Your Various Symptoms

Cases of slip and fall injuries are accompanied by various symptoms.

It is crucial that you make efforts in managing your symptoms to be comfortable throughout your whole healing process.

  • Discuss pain management strategies: Slip and fall injuries often come with pain as a symptom. Discuss with your doctor some pain management techniques.

  • Medications and meditation: Pain medications are usually a go-to, but you may also consider other remedies like fish oil supplements and medication to aid in reducing pain. Likewise, try having hot and cold treatments, or massages as they can also effectively manage pain from slip and fall. In the event that you choose pain medications, make sure that you understand potential side effects.

6. Take It Easy

Proper diet and getting appropriate sleep are not the only two essential things to help yourself recover from a slip and fall.

You also have to take it easy.

  • Get plenty of rest: Your body is using a tremendous amount of energy to repair your body from injuries. You can help your body in healing by getting plenty of rest and living leisurely until you are fully recovered. Being confined to your couch, bed, or home may be the least interesting option for you, especially if you are dedicated so much to your work or you enjoy getting up and moving, but staying in bed and getting a lot of rest is exactly what your body needs.

  • Avoid becoming sedentary: Don’t sit around too much. If possible, get up and move around the house a little bit as it can also be beneficial. Becoming underactive should be avoided unless there is no other option.

  • Do only what you can: You are limited by your injury. Always remember to work or move only as much as your injury will allow. For instance, if you got a concussion, it is not recommended that you play certain sports or have any physical activity even if you feel good. Meanwhile, if you got an injured leg, you can perform a few upper body training to help sustain muscles and enhance blood flow.

7. Take Advantage Of Physical And Psychological Therapy

Your physician may recommend some therapy to help you regain stability, mobility, and strength after your slip and fall accident.

Just remember to follow your doctor’s instructions on this.

  • Physical therapy: One of the best undertakings you can provide for your body is physical therapy. It aids in treating injuries, diseases, or disabilities in the form of physical methods such as exercises, or massage instead of surgery or medications.

  • Psychological therapy: Do not limit your efforts in recovery to physical therapy alone. In most cases, victims of slip and fall injuries also suffer emotional, mental, and psychological injuries. This is particularly true in circumstances where the victim was left with a disability, scarring, impairment, or disfigurement. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to consult with a mental health professional. They can assist you in getting back on your feet.

8. Seek Help from a Legal Professional

While you are handling the repercussions of your slip and fall accident, and dealing with your emotional and physical recovery, a legal professional can be of help to you.

Slip and fall accidents are often results of negligence, which encompasses four legal elements: breach, duty, causation, and damages.

Let your chosen lawyer look into your case and see how much you can recover.

To better understand the legal implications of wet and slippery floors accidents, you can click here.

This article was written by Vicki Haskett who is a law writing enthusiast who has over 25 years of experience in her field.

She enjoys sharing her experiences with those who want to learn more about the legal world.

In her spare time, she spends quality time with her family and friends.

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