The Power Of Positive Thinking By Norman Peale- Book Review

16th March 2017
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Here are is a book review of…

 The Power of Positive Thinking is Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking By Norman Vincent Peale

About The Author

The author of the book, The Power Of Positive Thinking is Norman Vincent Peale. He was an American who believed on positive thinking.

He was also a pastor and an inspirational speaker. He also wrote great selling books such as You Can If You Think You Can and many others.

What This Book Is About

The Power of Positive Thinking is a personal development book which offers easy and simple advice on living a successful and joyful life.

This book is written in such a way that the reader will be able to improve his or her life and be able to enjoy a happy stress-free life.

The author gives practical easy to follow advise on how thinking positive can change your life for good. Some of the topics that are in this book include:

1. Believe in yourselves.

2. How to have constant energy.

3. Expect the best and get the best.

4. How to break the worry habit.

5. Power to solve personal problems.

6. Prescription for headache.

7. How to use faith in healing

Just to mention a few among a lot more topics in this book.

This book helps to remove that negative thinking in your life and see positive things flow to you. It helps you make the best of your life.

“You do not need to be defeated by anything, you can have peace of mind, improved health and a never-ceasing  flow of energy, your life can be full of joy and satisfaction…” Quote from this book.

What I Thought About This Book

I thought this book was great, easy to understand. I like the idea that the author used plenty of real life story examples to illustrate his ideas.

This book is a Christianity based self-help book but the information in this book will suit anyone whether they have a religious background or not.

This book emphasis on the power of our thoughts, words and how they influence the way we live our lives.

This book has certainly changed the way I see life and it has enlightened me on the power of thinking positive in every life situation no matter how hard it can be.

I liked this quote from the author on positive thing “every time you have a negative thought, replace it with a positive one”. 

When you are facing something negative in life there is something positive in that situation, look closely you will see it.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I wanted to keep it to myself for future reference but I will give it to my mother a keen reader like me.

The message in this book is too good for me to keep this book to myself it needs to be shared. I plan to buy another copy of this book for myself for reference.


I recommend this book to anyone who wants to change their way of thinking to positive. This book will remind you to look at life in a positive way.

Over to you…

What are you reading?

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