The Perfect Match By Katie Fforde

23rd November 2017
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The Perfect Match By Katie Fforde

About The Author

Katie Fforde was born in Wimbledon in the United Kingdom. She first wrote her first novel in 1995 and has now written more than 20 novels.

Story Line Of The Novel

The novel The Perfect Match tells a story of Bella Castle who left her home because of a broken heart.

She had feelings for Dominic Thame whom she worked with.

But Dominic Thame was married and when Bella learned that Dominic’s wife was pregnant she knew she had no chance of falling in love with her secret admirer Dominic.

She was devastated with news and decided to live her hometown as she could not bear the pain.

She went to live with her Godmother Alice in Cotswold in the countryside. She found a new job in a real estate selling houses and she really loves her job.

She finds a new boyfriend Nevil, they work together for the same company.

Nevil proposed to Bella but suddenly Dominic turns up.

Bella finds out some dodge things that Nevil has been up to whilst selling houses to people.

Bella begins to lose trust in Nevil wondering whether he is her perfect match.

Of course with the arrival of Dominic from the past things really begin to heat up between Bella and Dominic.

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What I Thought About This Novel

This is a perfect novel the author did a great job in showcasing the different relationships.

Though Bella was the main character in this novel they were other secondary characters in this novel that made this the storyline in this novel come together in a great way.

I like the fact the storyline of this novel was believable and the characters were real.

I also like the relationship between Alice and Michael.

The author points out all the fears and hopes that women face when they fell in love when they are old though Alice character.

I highly recommend this novel to someone who likes to read romance novels or anyone who wants to read a great book about relationships.

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