The Desperate Bride’s Diet Club By Alison Sherlock- Novel Review

28th September 2016
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Here is my book review of…

The Desperate Bride’s Diet Club By Alison Sherlock
The Desperate Bride's Diet Club

About The Author

The author of The Desperate Brides Diet Club is Alison Sherlock. This was her first novel. She then went on and wrote other novels The Desperate Wife’s Survival Plan and Over The Rainbow.

She still writes novels and lives in Surrey in England with her family.

Story Line Of The Book

This book tells a story of a girl named Violet who is in a relationship with Sebastian. The relationships is serious to the point that Sebastien has to ask Violet to marry him.

Violet is a size 20 and she is desperate go on a diet so that she can look slim and beautiful on her wedding day.

She is worried that she won’t find a wedding dress that will fit her.She decided to enrol in a Dieting club called New You.

When she joins “New You” she meets people who are also trying to lose weight, Maggie, Lucy, Edward and Katty.

But New You does not deliver their expectations, therefore, they find other solutions to meet their goal of losing weight as a team.

Will Violet succeed in losing weight, will she ever have her dream wedding day?

I will not spoil it for you I will leave it here just in case you might want to read this book yourself and find out what happens.

My Thoughts About This Book

This book has a good story about love and relationship. I liked the way the book is written with different characters in it, it makes this novel very interesting.

I found myself sitting on a bench in my garden one afternoon reading it and laughing out loud such that the next door neighbour piped through their window wondering whom I was laughing with.

It’s such a funny book. The book has lots of tips and advice for people who want to lose weight and it also has tips for brides.

I liked the main character in the novel Violet she started as a fragile person but as the book progress her her character becomes strong-willed with a can do attitude.


I highly recommend this book to those who are trying to loose weight or to any brides to be out there.

It’s such a good read such that anyone can even enjoy reading this books.

Looking forward to reading some of the novels by Alison Sherlock.

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