The Book Of Tomorrow By Cecelia Ahern – Novel Review

8th June 2017
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Here are is a book review of

the book of tomorrow

The Book Of Tomorrow By Cecelia Ahern

About The Author

The author the novel, The Book Of Tomorrow is Cecelia Ahern. She is from Ireland. She has written several books including one of her best novel PS I love you.

Story Line Of The Novel

The novel tells a story of a teenage girl called Tamara Goodwin. She lives with her parents in a luxurious house.

She has everything that every teenager can dream of a big house, freedom, friends, a swimming pool. She does not even think anything about tomorrow.

Tamara’s world suddenly turns upside down when she found out that his father has committed suicide and she was the first one to see him lying down lifeless in their house.

Before she even had time to grieve her father, she learns that her father had killed himself because he had a lot of debt and could not pay up.

Because of his fathers debts, the house that she had grown up in had to be taken away by the bank to cover his father’s debt.

She is forced to leave her house and all the luxuries she had in her life to live with family in the countryside together with her mother.

When she first arrived at her relatives country she is bored with no friends. Her mother is still grieving her father.

Finally, she found a new friend Marcus who is a driver of a traveling library in the village.

Tamara decides to look for a book in the traveling library and there is one book which draws her attention. She decides to borrow the book which is a heavy leather book with a padlock.

Tamara’s life changes forever after she took this book from the traveling library.

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What I Thought About This Novel

I thought this novel was well written. It tells a story of grieve and loss and how to cope with it. The characters in this novel are believable.

I can relate to the story in this novel because I also lost my father when I was sixteen to cardiac arrest. I was the first one to see him in his bed with no sign of life in him. I was the one to call for help.

I can feel and share the feelings that Tamara went through, the sudden crying, the loneliness, the must-have, the could have all but in memory.

I like the way the author shows how people grieve in different ways.

The way Tamara and her mother cope with the loss was different, this also applies in real life.

This book is sad, exciting, fun and has a lot of suspense which makes it a great page-turner.


I recommend this book to adults and older teenager as it would suit both.

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