The Benefits Of A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

17th April 2018
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I have been using a cordless vacuum cleaner for a couple of years now and as dramatic as it sounds, there is no way I could go back now!

While a standard corded vacuum can be bought for next to nothing these days.

There is no comparison when it comes to a cordless vacuum cleaner.

That is why today I am sharing with you what the benefits of a cordless vacuum cleaner are and how using one is going to keep your house clean and also make your life a heck of a lot easier.

I have two kids and two dogs, so having a good vacuum is something I need and also know a lot about!

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Vacuuming Is So Much Quicker

Using a cordless vacuum makes vacuuming each room so much quicker.

Now part of this is how powerful most cordless vacuum cleaners are these days.

But the fact that it is cordless means that you are not tethered to a spot.

You can go in any direction you want and not have to worry about the power cable dragging behind you.

Also, you can go from room to room, floor to floor and not have to deal with the power cable.

A cordless vacuum cleaner makes vacuuming so much more efficient.

No Cable To Get In The Way!

I cannot tell you how many times over the year the power cable of one of my old vacuums would get caught around a chair leg, under a door, wrap around my own ankle and so on!

You do not realize just how freeing it is to use a vacuum without a power cable until you have actually done so!

If anything is going to get broken when you are vacuuming 99/100 it is because of that darn cord!

You never have that issue or it getting stuck or tangled when you are using a cordless vacuum cleaner.

You Never Have To Stop

Ok so you do when you need to recharge it (I have never had to stop vacuuming mid-mission though due to the battery running out) what I am talking about here is when you are vacuuming and then the thing turns off and you realize it is because you have pulled the plug out of the wall!

This is super annoying and kills your motivation for vacuuming and also makes you curse like a sailor!

No cord means that there is no need to stop to go and plug the vacuum into a different power outlet.

Cleaning Becomes So Much Easier

I used to be the kind of person that would vacuum every week, maybe twice a week if the kids and dogs (or my partner) had made a large mess.

With a cordless vacuum cleaner though, you will find that the way you clean changes.

I say this because it is so easy to go and grab it and just clean the little bits of mess as they happen.

It takes away the need for that long and boring 30-minute vacuuming session you do once a week and also I would say that overall your house will be cleaner, for longer as a result!

You Can Literally Clean Anywhere!

The cordless design and also the fact that most of these vacuums are very lightweight means that there is nowhere they cannot reach.

Kids beds a little messy with cookie crumbs?

You can just pick it up and vacuum the top of the bed!

Are those awkward stairs a real magnet for dog hair?

You do not have to worry about tripping over a power cable on the stairs as you vacuum them!

In all, a cordless vacuum makes keeping the house clean a million times easier.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Come In Many Different Styles

There are many different designs when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners these days.

You can get one that looks like a standard upright vacuum and for many people that is all they need.

You can also get a stick style cordless vacuum.

These are really handy as they are even lighter weight and you can pick them up to vacuum the curtains and those spider web covered corners of the room.

They can also change form, turning into a handheld vacuum so that you can get into all the nooks and crannies where crumbs like to live or have been strategically placed by your kids!

The point is you have a lot of choices when it comes to a cordless vacuum, so make sure you pick one that is right for your home and family.

The Battery Life Is Far Better Than You Think

Unless you live in a house the size of Mr Burns mansion from The Simpsons, a cordless vacuum will be able to blitz your whole house from a single charge 40 minutes seems to be the average these days, with some offering a little longer and others a little less, depending on if you are using a high powered suction mode or not.

The Dyson V10 Cyclone, which is the top rated cordless vacuum of 2018, has a battery that lasts 60 minutes.

A cordless vacuum makes you so efficient that I have a hard time believing anyone is going to run out of juice before they are finished vacuuming.

A Cordless Vacuum Is Much Lighter

I have touched on this already, but the first time you use a cordless vacuum, you will be amazed at how lightweight it is.

A standard upright cordless vacuum is much lighter than its corded counterpart.

A stick vacuum is one of the lightest vacuums on the market right now, so light that you can lift it above your head to get to the top of the curtains.

The vacuum being lightweight may not sound like a big deal at first.

However, it makes vacuuming much quicker and safer, plus it is not as much of a chore to carry it up and down the stairs, like it is a heavy old corded vacuum.

A Cordless Vacuum Is Great For A Business As Well As A House!

Ok so this sounds odd, but let me explain what I mean.

Basically, a cordless vacuum is perfect if you have a full house with kids and pets and also it is perfect for a business that has more than a few people in it.

I say this because that lack of a power cable means that you can vacuum in and around people easily and there is no danger of them stepping on it, tripping over it, pulling the plug out of the wall and so on.

When you are using a cordless vacuum, nothing gets in your way!

This article was written by Sammy who is a keen writer who loves nothing more than spending time with his family and teaching them the ways of the world.
He loves writing about any topic related to home life. 
He currently runs the blog at Home Clean Expert.

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