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Thanks for your interest for writing for

I welcome guest posts as well as sponsored guest posts from everyone, posts should have great advice and tips on saving money, finding bargains, frugality, managing money, managing better relationships and organising home.

Any posts that contribute to living a better life are greatly appreciated.

Here Are Great Examples Of Articles Written By Our Readers.

. 7 Tips For A Small Bathroom

. Easy Steps To Reduce Your Car Costs

. 7 Things Everyone Forgets To Check Before Renting A House

. 5 Tips for Going Green In Your Home

. 3 Tips That Will Help You Get A Better Sleep Tonight

.  6 Eco-Friendly Home Repairs

. Dangers Of Zoning Out While Driving

 If you are interested in guest posting, please post it via the form at the bottom of the page.

 Guidelines For Submitting A Guest Post / Sponsored Guest Post

1. Please be aware that all posts are reviewed before publication and not all posts are published.

2. Limit your post to 1000-1800 words or less.

3. Please proofread your post before sending it, grammar and spelling should be used correctly.

4. You may include up to two links in your post.

5. Your posts must be original content and not published anywhere online.

6. Please include a short bio about yourself to be published with your post.

7. If you have any questions or are interested in guest posting at please using the form below

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