Stolen By Susan Lewis Novel Review

24th July 2017
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Here are is a book review of

Stolen By Susan Lewis

Stolen By Susan Lewis

About The Author

The author of the novel Stolen is Susan Lewis. She is a British author, she has written over 30 best-selling novels.

Story Line Of The Novel

This novel tells an emotional story about Lucy Winters who had loving parents but always had a feeling that something was missing from her life.

She is married to her husband Joe who is an actor but has no work. They are on a trial separation. They have two children Hanna and Ben.

Lucy decides to leave London and take over her parents thriving auction business in the country in Cromstone, leaving behind her husband.

Lucy’s son Ben is on a gap year traveling around the world with friends.

Her daughter Hanna is not taking her parents trial separation lightly she blames her mother for everything. But Hanna has to go with her to the country reluctantly.

Lucy and Hanna settle well in Cromstone and had no trouble finding new friends.

Just when Lucy was thinking she had her life in order she discovers some shocking truth about everything she had know surrounding her parents’ life.

After discovering the truth about her parents she is left devastated not sure if ever she will ever forgive them or if her parents will never forgive themselves.

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What I Thought About This Novel

I thought the storyline of this book was believable. The characters in the novel seem real and it’s easy to relate to them in real life.

The plot of the story made it hard for me to put down this novel down, it has a very long climax. It made me feel sad and happy at the same time.

I like to read the prologue which had a terrifying flashback on the main character Lucy.

I must say the prologue of the novel has got to be the best attention- grabber I have ever come across. It made me want to read more just to find out what happens next.

However, I think the novel dragged at times it comes with a titanic 584 pages but it’s a good read.

Reading this book made me think about parents of Madeleine McCann and many other parents in this world, who have their child missing.

How difficult it is for them to live by each day not knowing where their child might be.

This book gave hope that a missing child can eventually be united with their family at times.

Overall this is a great novel which is well written and  I enjoyed reading it.


I recommend this book anyone who likes reading Susan Lewis novels and to anyone who likes to read a good read where on a long holiday or in the comfort of your own home.

I also read Never Say Goodbye written by the same author and I gave the review of the novel here.

I really like the style Susan Lewis uses to write her novel. She makes it easy for the reader to relate with the characters.

Her storylines and plots look real and you would think they are based on true stories.

Can’t wait to read more of her novels.

Over to you…

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