Saying Goodbye Carpet! Hello Wooden Laminate

10th January 2017
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I am excited to tell you that we have said goodbye to our carpet in our living room and welcomed wooden laminate.

oat laminate

Why We Removed Our Carpet?

We have had carpet in our living room for the past 4 years. We use our living room as a dining area so it’s a high traffic area in our whole house.

With 3 children running, playing , and making messy spills while eating I can confess our carpet had seen its’ better days.

It was beige but it ended up looking like it was brown in colour with stains.

During its’ life time I tried to keep it clean by washing it every six months or so but as soon as I cleaned it, it wouldn’t take long for it to get dirty again.

I remember one time I cleaned it. The next day one of my children was not feeling well and was sick all over the carpet.

This incident made me realize that this carpet was just a pain in our life. It did not make things easy and as Marie Kondo author of the book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying say it (my carpet no longer spark joy in our lives).

It made things difficult for me and my family. My husband and I made a wise decision of removing our carpet and putting laminate instead.

We bought the laminate from Wicks decided to save money by installing the laminate by ourselves.

We researched on youtube on how to lay laminate and decided to tackle our big DIY job on a weekend. We bought laminate underlay from eBay at a great price comparing it to other DIY stores.

under layer

We also bought a laminate installation tool set which made the job very easy once we got the hang of laying the laminate.

My husband already had an electric saw in his tool box in the shed so we did not need to buy a new one.   We bought these knee pads to protect our knees and they helped a lot.

We also purchased these face mask to protect yourself from the dust when cutting the laminate. We decided to send our kids to a friend’s house for the whole weekend so that we could get on with the task.

We started laying the laminate on a Saturday morning by Sunday evening we were finished. We did a fantastic job and I am really proud of it.

Our laminate looks great such that you would think it was professionally done.

Advantages Of Having Laminate Instead Of Carpet

1. Easy to clean and you only need a vacuum and a quick wet mop no stains or marks.

2. Laminate floor helps people who suffer from allergies such as dust because it’s quick to clean and doesn’t absorb dust like carpet.

3. No funny smells with laminate because all the spills can be quickly be cleaned.

4. It’s inexpensive than other types of flooring.

When we first thought of removing our carpet and putting the laminate we thought our living room was going to be very cold.

However, after installing the laminate foiled underlay and the laminate on top, I can happily say our living room is even warmer and is keeping heat longer than before.

I am so happy that we choose to remove the carpet in our living room/dinner this has made life easier for us, it’s now easy and fast to clean my house.

No more running around with a carpet stain remover. My kids can spill drinks on the floor without me rushing for the carpet cleaner and a rug. That’s one stress out of my life. So here is a big goodbye to our carpet!

Over to you…

What do you prefer carpet or laminate?

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