Never Say Goodbye By Susan Lewis – Novel Review

27th June 2016
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Here is my first update from the reading challenge which I shared with you last time.

How are you doing with the reading challenges?  Did you read any books this month?

As for me  I managed to read:

never say goodbye by susan lewis


 This book is about a twin sister Bel Monkron who lost her twin sister to breast cancer.

Bel struggled with losing her twin sister and started doing some charity work for cancer supporting people and families diagnosed with cancer.

Through that, she meets Josie who was diagnosed with breast cancer, which had spread to other parts of her body.

They became best friend and she helped her throughout her journey of living with cancer.

How This Book Relate To My Life Experience

This book really touched me because it talked about a life experience that I went through.

In 2011 my husband was diagnosed with a bowel cancer aged 34.

It was a big shock.

When he was told I was with him I did not take it lightly as he did, I cried from the moment we were told to the point we got home. He was so composed I did not know what he was thinking.

My emotions were everywhere, physical and mentally I was weak.

I was thinking if I lost him my world would collapse and the kids how would they cope with losing their father.

I never in a million years ever thought this diseases cancer would one day knock on our family door.

And when it did it made coping with cancer difficult.

There was no-one who would make things right expect God so we turned to him and asked for a miracle.

And I testify today that my husband is cured and the cancer is gone he received treatment and he received grace from God and he beat cancer.

Reading this book brought the thoughts, worries and tears of not knowing what will happen to my husband and family when he was diagnosed with cancer.

It made me put my thoughts on people who are suffering from cancer in the world right now, thinking about their loved ones how they are coping.

Wondering if they have enough support?

Cancer is a difficult disease emotionally and physically, coping with it, is not always easy.

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer we learned to live each day as it comes as a way to cope with it and never to lose hope and always to be grateful.

I like the main character in this book Bel who showed loving, caring and empathy feelings to others.

She is very kind and generous.

The book is written well and easy to read.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with a loved one diagnosed with cancer or to anyone who lost a loved one to cancer or just anyone it’s a good read.

I wish I had read this book before my husband was diagnosed with cancer it would have helped me to cope better emotionally.

Get A Copy of This Book

Cancer Support Groups Available

Don’t suffer alone we are in this together.

Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer Care

Over to you…

Have you read any book that touched your heart and brought memories whether good or bad?

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