Late Night Shopping By Carmen Reid – Novel Review

27th July 2016
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What have you been reading? In the last update, I reviewed The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year By Sue Townsend. In this post, I am sharing my review of this novel

Late Night Shopping By Carmen Reid

late night shopping Carmen ReidAbout The Author

Carmen Reid was born in 1970 she is Scottish. Late Night Shopping is a novel in her series Annie Valentine novels, other novels she wrote in this series include

1. The Personal Shopper

2. How Not to Shop

3. Celebrity Shopper

4. New York Valentine

5. Shopping With The Enemy

 The Story Line Of Late Night Shopping Novel. 

The book tells a story about Annie Valentine’s who loves shopping. She is in a relationship with Ed. Annie has two children Lana and Owen from her late husband.

Annie is a shopaholic she loves shopping for handbags, shoes, and clothing.

She can’t say no to spending money when she sees something she likes she will buy it regardless of the fact she can’t afford it.

She loves using credit cards and has a plan to start an online business on eBay.

Ed and Annie’s relationship is serious they even bought the house they now live in together on a mortgage.

Ed is not a spender whereas Annie is a big spender. So how will they solve this problem?

Annie is very secretive to Ed about how she spends money and chooses not to discuss how she spends money.

Ed is not happy about this he can see that Annie has a problem with money.

In the hope of starting her online business Annie decides to borrow £30000 from the bank placing their house as a collateral for the loan. When Ed finds out about this he is furious but Annie is not bothered.

Ed is even more furious to learn that Annie has organized a family holiday to Italy without discussing with him.

Could money destroy Annie and Ed’ s relationship for good? I will leave this for you to discover for yourself as I don’t want to spoil it for you.

What I Thought About The Book

I loved the two main characters in this book Ed and Annie as their relationship shows the real money problems of today’ world that are faced by many people in relationships.

This book has a lesson on how money can pose frictions between any relationships.

I liked reading the book as it is written in a funny way made me laugh at times.

Easy to read and it’s written in simple English no fancy words used.


I would recommend this book to anyone in any kind of relationship where money poses a threat to your relationship.

I can’t wait to read other novels written by Carmen Reid

Get yourself a copy of this book here

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