Reading Challenge

26th May 2016
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Do you like reading books?



What kind of books do you enjoy reading?

I am setting myself a challenge of reading more books this year.

I am setting a realistic goal of reading at least two books every month.

I know this might not be many books in a year as compared to what I read when I was young in school.

I used to enjoy reading a lot of novels during my school years, reading was my passion.

My mother instilled this passion for reading in me when I was young.

She still reads a lot of books now in her 60s.

As years have moved on since my school years I somehow lost the passion for reading.

I tried reading again in the last few years but still, it was not good and I blamed it on my busy life schedule e.g kids, work, and a house to run.

I recently decided to go to the optician to have an eye test since I had not visited one for years.

To my surprise, I had a bit of struggle reading some of the letters on the eye test.

I was given a prescription for spectacles and the optician said I needed them in doing my everyday tasks such as driving, watching TV and using the computer.

Somehow I have now started reading books since I was given spectacles.

I think I lost my passion for reading books simply because my sight was going bad and sadly I didn’t notice it.

Now that I have been prescribed spectacles I am slowly gaining my passion for reading and I am so happy about this.

So join me in this reading challenge!

Each month I will be updating you on the books that I would have read.

Over to you…

Are you joining me in this reading challenge?

What are you looking forward to reading in this challenge?

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