How To Potty Train? 10 Best Potty Training Potty For Toddlers

28th June 2016
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Potty training does not have to be a stressful time for you or child.

You need to know the right time to potty train your child and you need to be very patient and try to stay calm if it does not work out the way you planned.

Give your child time as potty training is just like a skill you have to learn just like we like to walk we fall many times on the ground and eventually we will start to walk.

It’s important to learn that each child is different even if they come from the same family the way they learn potty training is different so stop comparing your child’s progress to another child.

Your child is unique and will learn in his or her own time.

Here is a list of some great potty training aids out there that could help you and your child during this potty training milestone.

pink potty

1. Kids Potty With Paper Holder Toilet Training

This potty has it own built toilet role holder. It comes with removable potty for easy cleaning.



2. Potty Chair Toilet With Lid

Choose from different colours pink, green and blue this potty is easy to use and resembles an actual family toilet seat.

Comes with removable bowl for easy cleaning.

potty training 1

 3. Toddle Training Toilet Seat Step Ladder

This colourful potty comes with a steady step and some side handles for easy grip.

Its fordable for easy storage.

I used this one with my second child and within 3 days she was already using this on her own.

It’s very good and helps to build confidence when potty training.

It can be used a step potty or as a toilets seat.

potty trainning 3

4. Blue Toilet Seat Child

This is a simple but functional potty with removable potty for easy cleaning.


potty trainning

5. Karibu Toddler Potty Training Padded Seat 3in 1

This potty has a 3 in one design feature which helps a lot as you child get old.

Has a padded seat for extra comfort, the seat is removable and can be used on top of a family toilet seat.

It can also be used as as step tool as well.

potty training

6. Fisher Price My Talking Potty Friend

This is a colourful potty which looks like a real family toilet seat is full of fun rewards and encouragement. It makes toilet training very easy.

It come with a wetness sensor which ensures a reward sound with each success.

It has 2 full songs to encourage your child.

It come with a pretend flush handle and a toilet roll holder. The bowl is easily removable for cleaning.


potty 9

7. Fisher-Price Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Potty

This potty comes with  fun  train sound a way to reward and encourage potty training.

The potty seat is removable can be used on a standard family toilet.

Its can a removable bowl for easy cleaning.


 8. Blue Step Ladder Potty Training Seat

Comes with easy grip handles and it can be easily be folded for storage.

Makes toilet training fun and boast confidence

tavell potty

9. My Carry Potty Portable Travel Baby Potty

This is a handy potty especially when you are traveling you can also us it at home as well.

It is fitted with a rubber seal and clip lid that makes sure it does not leak when traveling with it.

 potty seat

10. Travel Potty Padded Toilet Training Seat

This foldable cushioned toilet seat makes toilet training easy for older kids.

It comes with a  washable carry bag which can be used for traveling.

Potty training  can be easy and you can be successful within days  if you have the right potty for your toddle.

This list of 10 Best Potty Training Aids For Toddlers that I recommended above will guide you in finding the right toilet training potty that you and your child likes .

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