5 Clever Ways To Organize Kids Toys

12th June 2017
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Want to keep your kids toys organised?

Here 5 storage solutions that will definitely help.
paw patrol toy box

1. Paw Patrol Wooden Toy Organiser 

This toy organiser has 6 storage bins supported by a sturdy wooden frame. The organiser has vibrant illustrations showing characters from Adventure Bay.


toy box

2. Fabric Storage Boxes Collapsible  Kids Toy Box

These fabric storage toy boxes are versatile they can be used to store clothes, books and small toys. They can be easily be stored away when not in use as they are collapsible.

pirate wooden toy storage

3. Large Kids Pirate Wooden Storage

This toy organiser comes with nine storage bins that can be used to store different toys in different bins. This will teach your child to be organised as they learn to put back their toys back in the bins.

toy unit

4. Kids Toy Shelf Storage Unit Drawers

This is a large toy storage organiser it comes with 2 removable fabric drawers and three shelves. You can use it to organised toys and display some of your kids’ toys and books as well.

white toy chest

5. Large  Kids Toy Box Room Storage White Chest

This is a lovely white wooden toy chest which can be used as a bench as well. Store away your child’s toys and have an organised home.

This toy chest can be easily placed in any room of your house and match with your home decor easily.

Over to you…

How do you keep your child’s toys organised?

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