How To Remove Limescale From A Kettle Using Vinegar

There are many inexpensive ways you can remove limescale from your kettle. I recently share one way you can remove limescale from a kettle using lemon juice. In this article, I will share easy steps you can follow to remove limescale from a kettle using white vinegar. Step 1 Empty the kettle, pour one cup… Read More »

6 Ways To Cover Your Vegetable Garden Pathways

Do you have pathways in your vegetable garden? Pathways provide a great way for you to move around your garden. They don’t have to take a lot of space but they need to be wide enough so that you can walk between your vegetable beds with ease. Pathways need to be clear of weeds as… Read More »

5 Benefits Of No Dig Vegetable Garden

Do you dig your vegetable garden or not? When I started growing vegetable in our home garden I didn’t know anything about gardening. I had to invest into a few gardening books and borrow some books from the library. I also watched some gardening TV shows such as Gardener’s World By Monty Don which helped… Read More »

6 Items You Need In Your Cleaning Caddy

House cleaning doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do as long as you follow certain routines and habits. When cleaning your house it easy to stay on top of your chores and having a cleaning caddy will help you to achieve this.   A cleaning caddy can be a storage box or a… Read More »

10 Tips To Manage Hay Fever

Do you suffer from hay fever? Hay fever is an allergic  reaction to react to pollen in the air. It’s worse to sufferers on days when the pollen count is high usually in the summer months. I didn’t suffer from hayfever until my late twenties and during the first few years, I dread summer months.… Read More »

7 Things That Will Ruin A Surprise Party On The Big Day

Planning a surprise party is a difficult task but making it to the big day without them knowing is another thing. There are many surprise parties that have been ruined on the day of the party due to small things that people overlook on the big day. Here are 7 Things That Will Ruin A… Read More »

5 Hacks to Organize Your Camping Gear

Don’t we all just love camping? Outdoor adventures are fun, but organizing camping gear and to ensure everything goes smoothly during the trip can be overwhelming. While we are out and about in a place with no boundaries, the space we have available to keep our things is limited. We have to cram every necessary… Read More »

6 Simple Habits To Keep Your Bedroom Clean And Tidy

How clean is your bedroom? A bedroom is a place to wind down and relax but if you have a dirty cluttered bedroom you may find it difficult to relax and sleep in your bedroom. Developing certain claening habits will help you to keep your bedroom free from clutter. Here are 6 Simple Habits To… Read More »