How Good Oral Hygiene Can Save You Money

Dental work can get expensive, but by taking care of your teeth, you can actually save yourself money. Good oral hygiene at home can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars at the dentist. Here are some ways that you can take care of your smile and save money! Brush and Floss to Maintain… Read More »

8 Tips To Avoid Last Minute Christmas Shopping Craziness

Have you ever shopped on Christmas Eve? Queues everywhere. People complaining and shouting about someone trying to cut the queue. Screaming toddles clinging on their mothers’ legs. Shops shelves almost empty you can’t find what you are looking for. People packed everywhere such that it’s hard to shop around. When you arrive in a shop… Read More »

How To Make Mint Tea – Healthy Benefits Of Mint Tea

Mint tea is not only easy to make but it has so many healthy benefits. We like to grow mint in our herb garden and it saves us a lot of money. Mint is easy to grow and will survive year round. We mostly  use mint when cooking food and making mint tea. Here are… Read More »

How To Remove Limescale A From Kettle With Lemon Juice

Have you ever drink your usual cup of tea made from your favourite brand and suddenly notice the awful taste to it? This awful taste would make you want to spit out the tea. Does this sound familiar? Limescale building up in your kettle is the main problem that causes the change of the taste… Read More »

October 2017 House Savings Update

It’s that time of the month when we share our house savings update public! We are excited to share with you our progress for September. We had a great month, we just managed to save £605 for the house which is our monthly set target. Note how I say just managed to save, October was… Read More »

99 Tips To Save Money On Food And Grocery

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Workout for Better Results

Do you want to be fit, healthy and achieve that instagrammable body that you always admire? It takes some serious willpower to finally get yourself off your favourite couch, change into your gym clothes and leave the comfort of your home only to beat your body at the gym. That’s why it’s frustrating when, after… Read More »

10 Terrible Money Mistakes Married Couples Make

Money is the leading cause of many marriage break ups. It’s important to talk about money before marriage and during marriage. Many people who are married make many money mistakes as they fail to they manage their finances right from the beginning of their marriage. I remember my first years of marriage we managed our… Read More »

10 Reason Why Glass Food Containers Are Better Than Plastic

I love to keep empty food containers in my kitchen. They are handy when it comes to meal preparation and storing leftovers. I used to have a large collection of plastic food container in my kitchen until recently when I swapped them for glass containers. I decided to ditch plastic containers for glass because of… Read More »