My Absolutely Honest Review! Hoover Freedom Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

16th February 2017
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I recently purchased Hoover Freedom Cordless Vacuum cleaner and I wanted to share with you my honest review on it.
Hoover Freedom Cordless VacuumBefore Trying Out Hoover Freedom Vacuum Cleaner   

Over the years I have bought vacuum cleaners from different brands in the hope of finding the one that really worked for me.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any vacuum cleaner without any flaws until I decided to try to hover freedom cordless.

Being a mum of three means keeping my house clean was a battle for me. It means I had to clean the floor regularly.

With the previous vacuum cleaners they were heavy and had cords cleaning was a daunting task as I would have to clean my house with a heavy vacuum.

When cleaning my floors I found myself stopping from time to time to untangle the electrical cord not to mention the risk of falling from the tangled cord especially when vacuuming the staircase.

It was just too much of a hassle.

By the time I finished vacuuming my 3 bedroom house I would feel like I have been to the gym.

Sometimes I  found myself procrastinating on vacuuming my floors just because I would start to think of all these obstacles I would have to face during vacuuming.

I later realized that I simply did not have the right tool to make the job of vacuuming easy for me.

After Trying Out  Hoover Freedom Vacuum Cleaner   

After I tried out Hoover freedom vacuum cleaner my life changed. It has really help me to clean the house more easily.

Even my husband who was not keen on vacuuming the house is now helping out, the other day he even went on further and the vacuumed the car.

My “minions” kids are also enjoying using hover freedom vacuum cleaner as it is not so heavy to move around the house.

7 Advantages Of Using Cordless Vacuum

1. It’s cordless, no sorting of the cord whilst trying to vacuum at the same time.

2. Most cordless vacuum comes with a handheld so they can be used to vacuum car, stairs or any other surface in the home.

3.They are bagless and easy to empty in the bin.

4. A cordless vacuum is very light than another vacuum.

5. It suitable for both hard floors and carpets.

6. It does not take up too much room.

7. Great suction.

I am glad I decided to try this vacuum cleaner it has really transformed the way I clean my house. This was money well spent and by far the best cordless vacuum for me. Thank you, Hoover, for developing such great product.

I would recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone who likes to live in a clean house and who doesn’t want to spend too much time on vacuuming their living space.

Get Hoover Freedom Cordless Vacuum cleaner here

Over to you…

How often do you clean you floors?

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