Mini Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella – Novel Review

15th June 2017
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mini shopaholic

Mini Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella

About The Author

The author of the novel Mini Shopaholic is Sophie Kinsella.

She is English and has written the most famous series of novels called the Shopaholic.

Mini Shopaholic is one of the novels in the series.

Main Characters In this Novel

1. Becky Brandon (neè Bloomwood)
2. Luke Brandon
3. Mini Brandon
4. Family and friends

Story Line Of The Novel

This novel tells a story of Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) who is a mother of a two year old Minnie. Becky is a shopaholic she is addictive to shopping. She shops like there is no tomorrow.

She is married to Luke who works in finance. Becky thought motherhood will be easy and that her daughter would become her shopping friend.

Unfortunately, Minnie has her own way of shopping, from throwing tantrums in Harrods to her own christening.

She hires taxes and also buys some handbags on Ebay without her parents knowledge.

She is out of control.

Minnie demands everything that she sets her eyes on saying her favorite word “Mine”

Minnie’s parents Becky and Luck are desperate for their only child to behave well.

There is a financial crisis and everyone needs to cut back on spending.

Becky struggles to cut back even in the mist of the financial crisis.

Becky wants to throw a surprise party for Luke, but with the financial crisis, can she manage it.

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What I Thought About This Novel

I really like to read Sophie Kinsella’s novel. I always find myself crying with laughter when I am reading her books.

This novel is fun and is a page-turner. I liked the storyline its believable.

The novel has financial lessons Becky spends money too much money buying things she doesn’t need at all.

Her sister Jess tries to give her some advice on saving money like the benefits of bartering but she doesn’t listen to her.

Unfortunately, Becky’ daughter Minnie is seen as a problem child but the child is only copying what she sees her mother do and she thinks that’s good.

The real problem is the mother who spends money like there is no tomorrow.

I have seen people like Becky in the real world who have bad shopping habits and I can easily relate the story in this novel to their life.

In summary, his novel is easy to read and is written well. I am so looking forward to reading more novels written by Sophie Kinsella.


I highly recommend this book to any fans of Sophie Kinsella and to anyone who likes to read a good novel.

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