Left Neglected By Lisa Genova- Novel Review

23rd September 2016
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Here is a book Review of

Left Neglected By Lisa Genova

Left Neglected

About The Author

The author of Left Neglected is Lisa Genova she is American she is a neuroscientist. She wrote one of the best selling novel Still Alice which sold over 2.6 million copies.

Left Neglected is her second novel after her first novel Still Alice.

The Story Line Of Left Neglect Novel

This novel tells a story of a busy woman called Sarah Nickerson. She is married to Bob and they have 3 Children.

Sarah went to Harvard University and landed herself a great job at Berkley consulting as the vice president of human resources.

Her Job takes all the time she has such that she is left with less time to enjoy life with her family.

She is always busy doing something and most of the time she is multitasking on home tasks and her gigantic workload. She does not have time for herself to relax.

One rainy dull day Sarah was driving herself to work when she took her eyes from the road to make an “important” phone call.

In that blink moment when Sarah took her eyes off the road, she is involved in a very serious accident that left her with a brain injury with a condition called Left Neglected.

Will Sarah’s life ever be the same again?  Read this book to find out yourself.

What I Thought About The Book

I liked this book it has a few cliff hangers which prompted me to keep turning the pages to the last page. It’s written well and is easy to understand.

The story line of this book has great life lessons that teach people to appreciate what they have in life, to take things slow and think of our safety first before making that “important” call when you are driving.

It also opens your eyes and makes you aware of this condition brain condition called left neglected. Before I read this book I didn’t even know about this condition of the brain.

Reading this novel enlighten me on the condition of left neglected.

This novel also has a lesson on how it’s important to live within your limits Sarah and Bod had two mortgages. They managed to keep up with the payments before Sarah ‘s accident.

When Sarah had the accident she was forced to live in the hospital for months leaving Bob her husband as the bread winner.

Money was now tight it had increasingly become too difficult to Bob to keep financially because they had two mortgages they could not afford to keep up with re payments.

The novel also shows how important it is to relax and have some time with family.

It also points out that we should forgive each other and move on, as life is too short for all the grudges we carry in our hearts.   This was revealed in the relationship that existed between Sarah and her mother.


I recommend this novel to anyone who likes a to read a good novel or to someone who likes to understand more about the brain condition called left neglected

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