How To Make DIY All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

1st June 2016
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Cleaning your kitchen doesn’t have to cost too much money.

You can make your own you DIY purpose kitchen spray bottlecleaner with natural products.

No need to expose your health to harsh chemicals found in some of the commercially sold cleaners.

These harsh chemicals can slowly damage your health some of them even cause irritation on the skin.

Here Is My Recipe For DIY All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

What You’ll Need

1. 2 Cups White Vinegar

2. 1 Cup Lemon Juice

3. Empty Spray Bottle

4. 1 Tablespoon of Washing Up Liquid


1. Pour white vinegar, lemon and 1 tablespoon washing up liquid in the empty spray bottle.

2. Shake the spray bottle.

That’s it you are all ready to clean your kitchen.

Over to you…

Do you make your own cleaning product?

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