5 Clever Ways To Organise Your Spices

3rd August 2016
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I love cooking food with different spices from curry, dried herbs to pepper, you will find them all on my  spice organiser.

When cooking your food you want to find spices easily to save time.

It’s important to make sure your spices are organized well.  Spices need to be at a place where you can see them and use them easily.

Failing to organise your spices will make cooking food unpleasant, you will waste your time looking for spices ending up not even finding some of the spices.

You are also likely to go and buy spices you already have in your house thereby wasting money.

Here are 5 ways you can store and organise your spices.

spice rack 11. Highlands 16PC Glass and Metal Coated Storage Jars only £13.45

This spice rack come with 16 spice jars. Each Jar has a capacity of 100ml. The spice jars can be washed in the  dishwasher.

It’s sold here 

spice rack 2

2. Hahn Pisa 24 Jar Spice Rack Chrome only £18.50

This spice rack is versatile can be stored in a cupboard shelve or place on kitchen worktop surface. It comes with 24 spice jars storage space. Its simple and holds jars of different shapes of jars. 

It’s sold here

spice rack 3

3. 5 Tier Spice Herb Jar Rack Holder only £8.99

This spice rack is a space saver it can be easily be attached to a cupboard door with screws that comes with it. It has a capacity to store up to 40 spice jars.

Its sold here

spice rack 4

4. YouCopia SpiceLiner in Drawer Spice Organizer, Warm Grey, Pack Of 6 only £9.99

If you have drawer you can  use it to organise your spices with these liners. These are great as they keep your spice jars secure in in your drawer. 

Its sold here.

spice rack 5

5. 20 Jars Clip n Store Spice  Organiser -4 Strips x 5 only £5.95

This comes with adhesive backing and will stick onto any smooth cardboard surfaces. It holds 20 spice clips.

Its sold here

Over To You…

What spices do you use to cook your food? I am interested to hear from you.

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