How To Save On Christmas Dinner Shopping

7th December 2017
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According to Good housekeeping Christmas dinner will cost 16% more than last year.

Here are some tips to help you save money on your Christmas dinner shopping.

1. Planning

Work out how many people you’re feeding, how big an appetite they have and for how many meals.

2. Menu Planning

Get looking at menus for inspiration and make a meal plan (aka your kitchen battleplan).

3. Drinks

Find out everyone’s favourite tipple and get an idea of how much they’ll likely to drink then create a booze list.

4. Shopping List

Create a shopping list this should include everything you need to keep everyone fed and watered over Christmas plus nibbles, fizz for Christmas morning and a few naughty but nice treats.

5. Christmas Budget

Look at your Christmas budget, if you don’t have one then it’s an absolute must.

Work out how much you can afford to spend on Christmas food.

6. Use Price Comparison Sites

Use a website like mySupermarket to compare the cost of your Christmas food shop across supermarkets to see which is cheapest and book to collect your shopping.

You’ll save on the delivery cost and won’t even have to step in the front door so you avoid temptation.

7. Shop Strategically

Time to shop strategically read reviews Good housekeeping is great for finding out best places to buy everything from your turkey to mince pies and booze.

8. Stockpile

Stock up on staples from Aldi and Lidl.

So many tests have proved that budget and own brand items are often difficult to detect and are even better.

Go local for veg your greengrocer might be able to sort you a Christmas box tailored to your list to make it easy and then pick up posh nosh from the other supermarkets.

Don’t assume more expensive is always good look at the amount you get for your money and exactly what’s in the ingredients.

9. Make Time For Shopping

If you’re hitting the supermarkets in person then never shop hungry, go at a quiet time of the day or preferably night.

Try to time it for when they run their discounts look for yellow and red stickers you MUST stick to your shopping list too, don’t put tempting treats.

10. Offers

Stock up early on BOGOF deals but only if these are on your list and you know that you will use them.

11. Vouchers

Search for voucher codes and coupons and cash in loyalty points so they get you maximum value.

12. Avoid Wasting Food

Don’t be wasteful once the big day is over freeze your leftover.

It’s important to shop around for all your Christmas shopping, not just gifts.

Using budget supermarkets can help to cut the cost and even little things like buying unprepared veg to peel or cut yourself can make a small difference.

Remember that your shop will cost more if you are shopping in luxury supermarkets.

Try to use bargain shops like Aldi and Lidl to get the bulk of your shopping and only splash out on a few luxury items at other stores.

This article was written by Hannah Maundrell who is the Editor in Chief of

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