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2nd September 2016
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Last Sunday I decided to go to our local Tesco to have a look on their markdown in the grocery section.  I was surprised with amount of things that I bought from the reduced section and the amount that I paid for them .

grocery reduced

If you have been following this blog you will know that my family and I are planning to buy our first house so at the moment we are working on reducing our weekly grocery.

For this mark down grocery trip I decided to go to our local Tesco around 3pm since they closed at 5 pm on a Sunday.

I paid only £2.15 for all those things in the photo above. I managed to get loads of bread enough for the whole week.

I froze the bread so that lasts longer. When I need to used the bread I will just defrost it on top of my kitchen surface or just pop it in the toaster.

I bought some new potatoes which we used to make our Sunday roast and we also made fruits salad with the strawberries , raspberry and oranges we bought from the markdowns.

This was a great savings it reduce our weekly grocery money. I am hoping to go for markdown grocery trips on Thursdays because I usually do my weekly shopping on Friday.

Hopefully doing this will reduce my Friday weekly grocery shopping as I can cancel out things that I got from Thursday markdown shopping trip from the list.

I will be posting some of the bargains from my grocery mark downs. So stay tuned.

Over to you …

Do you shop your grocery from the reduced section?

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