How To Save Money On Laundry Washing Powder

2nd September 2016
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Do you do a lot of laundry?. Washing up your clothes cost money but you can reduce the amount of money you spent on buying washing powder by following some of the tips I am sharing in this article.
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Try Out Other Washing Powder Brands

Don’t be a loyal customer to one brand of washing powder. Trying out some less expensive brands might offer you a great opportunity to save money.

I recently shared a great bargain on washing powder I found on eBay if you missed this post you can see it here. At first I was skeptical about trying out this brand of washing powder because I was not familiar with the brand.

However I decided to try it because it was less expensive than my usual washing powder and it also had very good reviews on it. After trying  it out I am happy with the savings I made and it performs much better on cleaning clothes. So at times it pays to try out other brands of washing powder.

Use The Correct Dose Of Washing Powder

Make sure you are using the correct dose of washing powder when washing your clothes. If you use too much washing powder your clothes will come out of your washing machine with white flakes on them.

On the other hand if you use too little washing powder your clothes will come out of the washing machine not clean.Try to  use the correct dosage as stated by the manufacture of the washing powder.

Nevertheless when I do my laundry i usually put less washing powder than the recommendation the manufacture mainly because my washing machine is quite efficient.It a Hover with a load capacity of 9kg I have had it for the last 3 years  and its quite good can’t fault it on it performance.

The performance of your washing machine will have an effect on the amount of washing powder you use. So when you are buying your next washing machine buy one that ticks all the boxes  on performance.

Make Sure Your Washing Machine Is Clean

A clean washing machine equals clean clothes, a dirty washing machine equals dirty smelly clothing. Before washing a load of dirty laundry make sure you washing machine is clean and there are no funny smells to it.

If you you wash clothes in a dirty washing machine you are just wasting your washing powder as you might need to wash the again. To clean our washing machine see How To Clean Your Washing Machine Using Inexpensive Natural Products.

Stop Overloading Your Washing Machine

Avoid  overloading your your washing mashing this could actually cost you more money. Try to fill your washing machine to 75% to give your clothes room to spin, this will result in clean clothes.

Wash clothes only when you can fill the washing machine to 75% this will save money on washing powder. Starting a wash load with the washing machine which is less than 50% full is wasting money.

Buy Your Favorite Washing Powder Only When Its On Offer

Take advantage of offers on your favorite  powder and stock up when you see a good offer. Always be on the look out for good offers on washing powder.


These money saving tips will make the using and buying your washing powder  of washing clothes. Now I have shared these tips to you if you try to use a few of them you will be amazed, on how much money you will save on your washing powder.

Over to you…

How do you save money on washing powder? Share your tips in the comments below.

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