7 Easy Ways To Save Money On Train Tickets

4th July 2016
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Over the years we have seen train tickets cost raising, this is going on year after year. If you travel by train often I am sure you feel the pinch in your pocket.

What Can You Do To Save Money On Your Train Tickets?



1. Slit Your Ticket

Slitting  your tickets can save you more that 30% off your train ticket. All you have to do is buy a different ticket for your journey you can buy in advance.

You don’t need to get out of the train as you travel. Say you are traveling from point A to point C. During your journey your train passes point B.

Instead of buying a train ticket from point A to C  you slit your tickets like this, you buy one ticket from point A to point B then another ticket form point B to point C.

You can buy your ticket using Split Ticketing or any other ticketing company.

2. Buy In Advance

Buying in your train ticket in advance can save you money.

If you can plan your journey as early as 12 weeks in advance and buy your ticket it could help you to save money.

Buying your train ticket on the same day of travel cost more than buying your ticket just a few weeks before the journey.

3. Travel Off Peak Time

Traveling off peak is not only a great way to save money but you will also enjoy the train as there will be less commuters in the train.

Have you ever traveled in London underground between 8am and 9am? If you have then you know how traveling during this time is like.

Peak time cost much more than off peak time because during peak there is  high demand of train tickets so train operators tend to increase their ticket prices.

4. Compare Where To Buy Your Tickets

Compare your train ticket prices don’t be royal to the train operator only consider buying your train ticket from other places.

There are many companies that are cheaper as compared to the main train operator so its worth checking with them as well before buying your train ticket.

Here is a list of some places where you can check your ticket prices:

Travel Supermarket

 Rail Easy

Red Spotted Hanky

5. Avoid Traveling During The Weakened

Weakened pushed train tickets prices up because of high demand of people traveling during this time. If you can avoid traveling between on Friday and Sunday it could save you money.

6. Rail Card

Buying a rail card can be a good way of saving money they cost from £20 to £30. Rail card can help you to save up to one third of your train ticket each time you travel .

They are a good for people who uses trains regularly and you can save more money.

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7. Look For Discounts And Vouchers

Mega train offers £1 train tickets to some routes. Yes only £1 they will charge a booking fee for only £0.50. So the total cost for your ticket could be £1.50 how about that hey.

To get these discount you have to book with them early.

8. Use Vouchers

Some shops give out vouchers which you can use to save money on train tickets. For example if you are a Tesco club card member  you can use your vouchers to buy the following rail card.


Normal Price

 Tesco Club Card Vouchers

Total Savings

1 year: 16-25 Railcard  £30  £15  £15
1 year: Disabled Persons Railcard  £20  £10  £10

1 year: Family & Friends Railcard

 £30  £15  £15
1 year: Two Together Railcard  £30 £15  £15
1 year: Senior Railcard  £30  £15  £15

When traveling by train you don’t have to pay the full price of the train ticket use some of the tips above and you can save money.

Over to you…

What other tips for saving money on train tickets can you think of?

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