5 Tips for Going Green In Your Home

9th March 2017
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Saving energy and going green is a phrase that should get every homeowner’s ears to perk up. Why? Because it saves money. Plus, going green and being more energy efficient is better for everyone sharing this planet.

energy saving home

Sometimes however, it can be hard to implement eco-friendly tricks into our homes. So we have outlined some of the easiest things you can actually do as a homeowner to save a little cash and make the planet a better place.

1. Unplug Unused Things
Many people don’t realize that a lot of appliances use energy even when they are “off.” If you have any appliances that use an LED light when off, such as televisions, computers, or printers, those could be your biggest offenders.

A way to combat this is to use power strips for many appliances that you can shut off with the flip of a switch to keep your appliances from taking energy when they don’t need it.

2. Use The Right Light Bulbs
By simply switching to a 75-watt incandescent bulb or 25-watt compact fluorescent bulb, or CFL, you can save you upwards of $83 over the bulb’s life.

These bulbs last longer and burn just as bright as traditional light bulbs. Time to throw out those energy-hogging dinosaur bulbs and step into the sweet world of energy saving.

3. Change The Thermostat
You save about 1% on your heating bill for every 1 degree lower you have your thermostat. Turning the heat down at night or when you’re out of town can help put some cash in your pocket over the long run.

New tech like smart thermometers even allow you to set the temperature to change on its own based on the time of day. With gadgets like that hitting the streets, what’s your excuse for a lofty energy bill?

4. Energy Star Appliances
When buying new appliances, make sure to go with the energy-efficient models. Refrigerators alone contribute to around 10% of a home’s energy use.

Energy star appliances are a great way to ensure you save more of your hard-earned big ones.

5. Having The Right Size Home
It’s no secret that bigger homes equal bigger energy bills. Having the right size home for your needs will ensure that you’re not overpaying for what you are using.

You can also save energy by closing the doors and vents in unused rooms to send the warm or cool air where you actually need it.

Also, depending on where you live, an open window can go a long way in setting that perfect temperature while being able to hear those birds sing.

No more excuses. It’s time to set your home up for more energy savings and make the world a greener place.

This blog post was written by Alyssa Gisseman who is a student at Brigham Young University. Alyssa is  studying English language and editing. She is an active Wikipedia editor and currently does copy writing and editing at Wallaroo Media. She love researching and sharing what she learns with others, especially when it is a topic as important as this one.

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