5 Best Apps To Plan Your Grocery Shopping List

19th July 2016
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Have you ever gone grocery shopping thinking you had all the items listed on that piece of paper only to find out you have left that piece of paper at home.

Its easy to forget a piece of paper with your shopping list at home but 99% of the time you will be caring your mobile phone with you.

So why not make use of your phone by downloading grocery shopping apps to make life easy and to save money as well as time.

1. mySupermarket – Shopping List

mysupermarket shopping list app

This is a great app you can create your grocery list easily. You can use it to find offers and compare products prices of the items in your your grocery list.

There are 11 participating stores which you can compare prices which are Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Boots, Superdrug, Waitrose, Ocado, Aldi, Poundland and Iceland.

You can find grocery items through search, filter and with a barcode scanner.

The app also alerts you on any cashback vouchers you can use to save money on your grocery.

2. Organizy Grocery Shopping List


Organizy Grocery Shopping List helps you to create your  grocery list quickly with the use of auto-complete feature .

It organises your shopping list in groups according to sections or isles of your store.  This app will no doubt save time on grocery shopping.

This app also lets list your “must buy” items on top of your grocery list so you don’t forget any.

You can easily strike out items from your list that you have put in your trolley or basket using only one hand whilst the other hand puts items in the trolley.

3. Our Groceries Shopping List

our grocery shopping list app

This app lets you create and share your grocery list with other members of your family which makes it easier.

Every change you make your to your grocery list is updated also on your family member’s phones. Any member of your family can add any item on the grocery list and it will be visible to everyone.

It can also be used to create other list as well, such as a “to do list “. Its such a simple and great app to use.

4. Shopping list voice input

shopping list app

Shopping list voice input lets you create your shopping list by speaking to your mobile phone. Creating your grocery list is easy and fast.

You can also add multiple list for example if you do you grocery shopping at three supermarkets you can create a list for each supermarket.

It lets you synchronise your shopping list on different devices, so you can share your shopping list with other family members as well.

It keeps a history of your shopping list which is an added advantage when making a new grocery  shopping list.

5. Grocery List Buy Me a Pie

grocery list app

Grocery list buy me a pie app is a great app you can create your grocery shopping list and share with family members or friends.

You can create multiple store grocery shopping list and group items to make your shopping fast and easy.

It has a built in dictionary which makes it easy to find items. It also has an auto suggest grocery items which suggest a word after entering a few letters.

You can create grocery list from your email or SMS  and easily share it with anyone.

It can be used to create other lists such as
*To do list
*Meal planning
* Day planner
* Daily checklist
* Spending tracker
* Budget planner

Grocery shopping shouldn’t be time consuming, using one of the apps above could save you time and money. No more forgetting your grocery list at home again.

Over to you…

Do you create a  grocery list before going shopping?

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