How To Save Money On Washing Up Liquid

20th October 2017
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Washing up liquid it doesn’t seem to last very long.

You open a bottle today and before you know it, it’s almost empty.

Where has it all gone to? You might wonder.


washing up liquid


If you are a parent like me and your children are at a stage where they do their dishes own their by hand then you will know that your dish  washing up liquid won’t last much longer.

I have tried both big brands and value brands of washing liquid and have noticed that they won’t last long when you have kids in the house who do their dishes.

I kept running out of washing up liquid, having to make those “unplanned short visits to the supermarket”  to get to get a bottle or two of the washing up liquid.

Saving Money On Washing Up Liquid

I decided to try out something new to save money on washing up liquid.

I took an empty used soap dispenser pump bottle and put the washing up liquid.

You can also buy  if you don’t have any used old bottles.

Afterwards, I noticed that washing up liquid in my house stayed much longer.

It lasted nearly double the time than before.

Soap dispenser pump bottle was much better than the standard squeeze bottle which washing up liquid is normal comes in.

With a dispense pump bottle, it’s easy to control the volume of washing up liquid use than with a squeeze bottle.

You will save money by using less washing up liquid with a dispense pump bottle.

Over to you…

Which is your best washing up liquid?

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