How To Save Money On Grocery

15th July 2016
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Do you want to reduce your grocery shopping bill to almost half?

You can easily lower your grocery shopping bill by learning some important tips.

Here are 7 tips for spending less on grocery food each week.

grocery shopping

1. Make A List

When you go grocery shopping make it a habit of going with a list and learn to buy only things on your list.

This will save you money and time.

With a list, you shop quickly and you avoid impulse shopping.

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2. Create A Menu

Meal planning is a good way to plan meals for the week.

Write down your meals for the week than go through your cupboards to check if you have items that you need your meals.

If you don’t have the items put the items on your grocery list.

Doing it this way, you are unlikely to buy things you already have in your cupboards.

3. Grow Your Own

Growing your own vegetables and fruits can save you money, you can even grow herbs as well. You don’t  need a big garden to start growing your own fruits and vegetables.

If you are short of garden space you can grow fruits, vegetables and herbs in containers.

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4. Cook At Home

Learn to cook your own meals at home and forget about supermarket ready meals which cost a lot more. Start enjoying real food cooked at home.

Find new recipes, start cooking and save money along the way.

Recommended Cook Books

Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook By Mary Berry

Cook Happy, Cook Healthy By Fearne Cotton

Deliciously Ella Every Day: Simple recipes and fantastic food for a healthy way of life By Ella Mills

5. Compare Prices

Compare prices of grocery shopping items from different supermarkets. Use the mySupermarket app to compare prices and to find great offers on grocery items.

Don’t be a loyal customer to one supermarket.

6. Go Grocery Shopping Without Kids

Try to go grocery shopping without kids.

Kids will slow you down, the more time you spend in the supermarket, the more you are likely to spend on grocery, picking things that are not on your grocery list.

When grocery shopping try to go alone leave the kid at home.

7. Shop In Season

Buy fruits and vegetables when they are in season.

For example, buy more strawberries in the summer time because they will be plenty around so their prices will be reduced.

Buy them in winter and the price will have increased because they will be out of season.

Over to you…

Are you doing enough to save money on grocery shopping?

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