How To Save Money On Electric Bills

1st March 2018
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How much do you pay for your electricity?

Are you looking for ways to reduce the amount you spend on electricity?

Many people are looking for ways to reduce monthly expenses especially the amount they spend on paying bills such as electricity.

how to save on electricity
 Here are tips on How You Can Save Money On Electricity
1. Buy Energy Efficient
The more energy-saving items you have around your home the more money you will save on your electric bill.
  • Home Appliances

    These days most home appliances come with a rating of how efficient they are in terms of the amount of energy they use.

    The energy efficience of home appliances start from A to D.

    The most efficient appliances have A rating which is further broken down into A+, A++ and A+++.

    Appliance with a rating of A+++ are the most efficient when it comes to saving energy in your home.

    When buying your home appliances look for appliances with this rating.

    The least efficient rating on appliances is D which is best avoided.

  • Lights

    Make sure you change all your light bulbs around your home and use energy saving bulbs this will save you a lot of money.

2. Air Dry Your Clothes
Using the dryer to dry your clothes will cost you money why not dry your clothes for free outside.
 If you are like me and you live in a cold country them this can be a bit of a challenge try to reduce your usage of the drying machine.
If you have a space in your house that you can put an indoor clothes airer then it might be a better alternative to using a drying machine.
Just make sure when you dry clothes inside your home you need to open windows more often to avoid buildup of dumbness in your house which can result in mould and mildew building up on window seals.
And remember your radiators are there to heat your home and not to dry your clothes.
3. Switching Off Lights
Turn off your lights when you don’t need them.  This will help you to save money on electricity.
4. Reduce Your Ironing
You don’t have to iron everything that is in your wardrobe.
Ironing takes a lot of time and it also cost you a lot of money minimise your ironing to almost zero by following these 6 Great Tips To Reduce Your Ironing To Almost Zero.
5. Switch Off Appliance

Why not get in the habit of switching off your appliances when they are not in use leaving things on standby will cost you money.

Don’t leave your electricl items plugged in, unplug items from the wall.

Televisions, television boxes, phone chargers, laptops all these will eat up your electricity if you leave them on standby.

If they are not in use switch them off.

6. Take Short Showers
Taking long showers will cost you a lot of money, to cut the cost invest in a shower timer and use it to time your showers to 5 minutes.
If you have kids this shower timer is a great choice no more shouting, “Get out of the shower!”
7. Load Your Washing Machine And Dish Washer Wisely
When you load your washing machine or dish washer make sure you fully load them.
By fully load them I don’t mean loading them until you can barely close the door.
When you are loading your washing machine it’s best to leave a little room for clothes to move about in the washing machine.
When loading your dishwasher you load it in such a way that your dishes are not pilling on top of each other, otherwise, you will end up with dirty dishes after running the machine.
It might help you to wait for more dirty laundry or dishes than to run a half or quarter full machine which will cost you more.
8. Switch Your Provider
Shop around and find the cheapest supplier for your electricity and don’t be afraid to switch your electricity provider.
Switching your electricity provider could save you money.
9. Use Timer Switches
If you are away from your home say you are going on a holiday and you want to leave a few lights switched on around the home especially at night.
Why not use a switch with timer, you just need to set the time that you want your light to go on at night and the light will be on at that time and it will switch itself depending on how you have set the times.
No need to leave your home lights on all day and night when you are away from your home.
10. Use Solar Light In the Garden
If you have outside electric lights why use solar garden lights instead, they use free energy from the some which you don’t have to pay for.
11. Close  The Doors
During winter months when you are heating your home you want to keep the doors in your house closed this will help to keep your rooms warmer for a long time.
If you live with more that one person in the house, making sure that those doors are closed all the time can be a bit of a problem, as most people forget to do it no matter how many times you tell them to close the door they just leave it open.
One great way to reduce all the stress of having to shout at your housemates to close the door all the time it so install door closers on your door these work perfect they will automatical close the for you.
Over to you…
How much is your electricity bill per month?
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