How To Remove Limescale From A Kettle Using Vinegar

7th June 2018
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There are many inexpensive ways you can remove limescale from your kettle.

I recently share one way you can remove limescale from a kettle using lemon juice.

In this article, I will share easy steps you can follow to remove limescale from a kettle using white vinegar.

cleaning a kettle

Step 1

Empty the kettle, pour one cup of  water and one cup of white vinegar into the kettle.

Step 2

Boil the kettle with the mixture of water and white vinegar inside.

Step 3

Leave the mixture in the kettle to soak for a few hours or even overnight.

Step 4

Rinse out with cold water and then wipe the outside of the kettle with a clean cloth.

Step 5

Fill your kettle to maximum level with cold water boil the water and throw it away this will remove any residue left.

After this your kettle it clean and ready to use.

Why Limescale Build Up Is Bad For Your Kettle

1. Slows Down Your Kettle Boiling Time

If your kettle is full of limescale it will take longer for the water inside the kettle to a boil.

2. Reduces Lifespan

Your kettle is likely not to last a long time if its full of limescale.

3. Reduces Efficiency

A kettle with lots of limescale is not efficient as it should be, it will use more energy costing you more money.

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Here Are More Ways I Use Vinegar For Cleaning In My House.

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