How To Organize Your Car For A Road Trip

28th November 2017
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With winter right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family.

And what’s better than prepping your shiny SUV, packing up your bags and getting ready for a fun-filled vacation.

road trip tips

Once everything is in place, such hotel bookings and itinerary you appear prepared to head out, but wait have you taken steps to keep your car belongings organized in a way that you can access items with ease?

Instead of dealing with junk scattered all over the floor of the car, it is better to tackle the problem before you leave.

Packing Smart

One mistake many individuals make when going on a trip is carrying excess weight.

Take out all the items that are unnecessary, as there is no point in carrying junk that will only add to the mess inside your vehicle.

Consider bringing items that are lightweight or have a dual use to reduce the bulk.

Also, take time to ensure you packed everything you need for a hassle-free road trip.

Garbage Disposal

Yes, it is a challenge to properly discard the garbage that accumulates in the vehicle over time.

The best way to avoid this concern is to keep biodegradable bin bags in the car to throw away the trash.

Once the vehicle arrives at a stop, these garbage bags should be emptied.

When traveling with kids, a good idea would be to hand them a garbage bag each so that they may be responsible for discarding their own trash.

To place these bags conveniently in the car you can make use of any box or carton, such as a cereal box which is the appropriate size.

Putting a garbage bag inside it will keep it from falling around the car.

Stock Up On Cleaning Products

In case of spills and other such problems while traveling be sure to take the necessary precautionary measures.

Products that can help eliminate stains, eradicate germs and leave the car smelling fresh are what you should have in stock.

Stains are a common problem if you are traveling with young kids your tots might end up making a huge mess when eating their favorite snacks in the car.

Files And Folders

You might find it odd to keep documents inside your vehicle, but these will actually help you keep a record of your vacation plans.

Use a file to organize all your vacation related paperwork such as hotel bookings, amusement park tickets, maps, and brochures all in one place.

At times we tend to lose such valuable documents, but this will certainly help keep them handy.

At the end of the trip, you can even add up the receipts to check your expenditure.

This will determine whether you were able to stick to your budget or not.

The Right Tools

There are various kinds of plastic boxes and baskets that have been made to organize your belongings and keep them secure.

Divide the items into multiple categories and fill up the boxes accordingly.

Choose the right sized box that can comfortably fit your belongings as well as be placed inside your car.

When packing toiletries, it is essential to keep them away from clothing to avoid accidental spillage.

Toiletries tend to get messy after leakage, for that reason your shampoo, soap containers should be sealed with tape and then kept inside a plastic bag.

Food Items

An essential part of the trip is all the snacks and drinks that are packed for the journey.

This would include things such as sandwiches and bagels that are easy to eat.

You would surely want to stock up on fruit juices, drinks, and water bottles that are absolutely vital.

Carrying disposable plates, spoons and cups make it convenient to have snacks on the go.

Hit The Music

The right type of music playlist can make your road trip even more exciting.

You might find your vehicle full of unorganized CDs and DVDs.

Instead of stacking up these discs in a haphazard manner, it’s better to find a proper holder for them all.

With all the options available to you, we would recommend something that is simple and does not take up too much space.

It will also help you choose the disc you would like to play as they will be neatly organized and easy to find.

If your music panel has a USB port, it is better to have not only a couple of playlists but also a few movies stored on a USB and get rid of all the CDs.

Clothing Items

Before you start packing, it is crucial that you not only consider the weather but also the cargo space in your vehicle.

It is imperative that the clothes you pack are comfortable so that you may enjoy the trip.

Apart from choosing just the right clothes, you must consider using lightweight packing bags as it would only help you get better mileage, hence cutting down significantly on fuel expenses.

Games And Toys

During the journey, your kids would want to keep themselves busy with exciting toys and games.

Carrying your child’s favorite toys in a box will help keep them from getting cranky, and will act as a fun pastime.

Apart from toys for children, you might also want to keep certain board games for adults.

Safety First

Don’t forget to keep a first aid kit as well as emergency contact numbers inside the vehicle at all times during the trip.

Since emergency situations are unforeseen, it is necessary that precautions be taken.

Carry the necessary medication for vomiting, headache, and other medicines that have been prescribed by your doctor.

During emergencies, remember not to panic. Instead contact a professional immediately.

Things To Check Before You Hit The Road

There is always a chance of cars breaking down during long road trips.

Countless problems may arise in your vehicle, and that is why you must keep at least the essentials including :

  • Spare tire
  • A tire changing kit
  • Brake and washer fluid
  • Extra fuel
  • Sealants
  • A towing rope
  • Heavy-duty tape

To make sure there is little to no chance of your car facing mechanical or electrical issues during the journey, get it prepared, serviced, tuned and checked by a professional before you hit the road.

Making a list is the best way to get started with vacation planning.

This way you can keep track of how much work you will have to put in and what has already been taken care of.

Once you are done with your car organizing checklist, you will feel like you’re ready to go.

The most crucial part of every road trip is the preparation, so once you are done with all the planning, have a relaxing winter break.

If this is the first time you are organizing your car for a road trip, you will find that there is a visible difference in the cleanliness of the vehicle and space inside.

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