How To Organise A Secret Santa This Christmas

12th October 2016
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Who doesn’t like a gift from Secret Santa?  Holding a Secret Santa is becoming popular these days, this is mainly used to be done at work with co-workers but nowadays even families have joined in.

What Is Secret Santa

Secret Santa is when a group people exchange Christmas gifts. Each member of the group buys a gift for one person in the group and receives a present from one member of the group.

Names are chosen randomly usually by a hat draw. Group members can be family, friends or work colleges.

Here are some tips for organizing a secret Santa:
christmas santa

1. Announcement Of Secret Santa

Work out who is going to be included in the Secret Santa as early as you can. Make the big announcement of holding the Secret Santa to the group of people to be included.

Make sure you sell the idea of holding the secret Santa such that everyone likes the idea and wants to join it voluntarily. Get everyone involved and work as a team.

For your Secret Santa to be successful you must work as a team with the rest of the group.

2. Set Gift Price

Set the amount of money that each person must use to buy the gift and everyone should stick to that budget to make it fair.

If you decide to make £10 the budget money for the gift for the secret Santa. It means everyone in the group must buy a Christmas present that is £10 or less no one should overspend.

3. Do An Open Draw

Do an open draw by putting names of everyone in a hat shuffle the names and make everyone close their eyes and pick a name from a hat.

Everyone should be present when this is done so that there is some fairness and openness when this is done.

If this is done when other members of the group are not present you might get disgruntlement from other group members. So it’s better to do the draw when everyone is there. 

4. Buy The Perfect Gift

Buying a present for someone is not easy. But you can buy a gift you think that they will like and will appreciate.

Before buying the perfect gift make sure you really know the person you are buying the gift for.

You should know what they like to do in their spare time, their favourite food etc. This will guide you into choosing the right Christmas present.

5. Set A Gift Exchange Date

Set a date when you will exchange your gifts. This could be on Christmas day or any other day just before Christmas.

Make sure everyone is happy with your chosen gift exchange date.

What Are The Benefits Holding A Secret Santa

1. It’s a fun way to enjoy the Christmas festival.

2. You save money as you don’t have to buy many presents for everyone in the group, you will only buy one present.

3. It will reduce your holiday gift spending budget.

4. It encourages giving during festival season


For your Secret Santa to be a success you need to get everyone involved voluntarily not forceful. Remember to communicate well with all the members of the group during the organising.

Make sure everyone only spent the suggested and agreed money for the gift. If you follow some of the tips above you are on your way to hold the best ever secret Santa this year.

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas To You.

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