How To Lose Weight Faster Without Exercise

20th February 2018
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With a busy life sometimes it can be hard to reach your weight loss goals. 

Exercises play a very important role in weight loss but changing a few things with your diet can also help you to lose weight faster without exercise.

Here are tips on How To Lose Weight Faster Without Exercise

1.  Plate Portion Size

Fill half of your plate with vegetables, a quarter of your plate with protein and the other quarter carbohydrates.

Vegetables are full of nutrients and they have less calories as compared with meat and carbohydrates.

To make this easier you can use this healthy portion plate recommend by NHS to control your portion and eat healthier.

2. Ditch Sugary Drinks

Water is always the best when it comes to drinking.

Avoid drinking sugary drinks which are filled with empty calories with no nutrients for your body,

3. Choose Healthy Snacks

It easy to be tempted to eating unhealthy snacks but try to always stick to the healthy snacks they are good for you.

Some of the healthy snacks include fruits, vegetables and nuts.

4. Avoid Keeping Unhealthy Snacks In the House

Out of sight out of mind, don’t keep unhealthy snacks in the house or in your work desk drawer.

Keeping these at home or in your work drawer will make it difficult for you not to eat them.

5. Eat Colourful Vegetables And Fruits.

Aim to eat both raw and cooked vegetables and when cooking your vegetables make sure you steam fry them so that you don’t lose out many nutrients.

Eat vegetables and fruit with different colours yellow, red, purple, green, white brown.

6. Don’t Skip Meals

Eat three portion controlled meals and two healthy snacks every day.

It’s better to eat a small meal than skipping a meal altogether.

Skipping meals might actually be a hinderance to your weight loss.

Over to you…

What kind of healthy snacks do you like to eat ?

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