How To Lay Bark Between Vegetable Beds

17th April 2017
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Weeds, weed killer are all familiar words to you if you are a keen gardener like me.

Because we all know too well how weeds and easily out grow your vegetables and you end up with no harvest at all.

bark in the gardern

In my garden, I have vegetable beds which I made using the leftover wood laminate from our living room.

Between the vegetable beds weeds are always coming out so I decided to suppress the weeds so that I could grow my vegetable with ease.

Here is how to lay bark between vegetable beds.

What you will need

1.Weed Control Fabric

2. Fleece Weed Guard Pegs

3. Bark

4. Hammer

5. Garden Rake

Before buying your weed control fabric and the bark measure the whole area in between your vegetable beds to get an idea of how much of each you will need.

Step 1. Preparing The Ground

Make sure the space between your vegetable beds is flat and leveled up. This will make it look good when you are finished.

Step 2. Lay The Weed Blanket

When you have you are finished with preparing the ground you need to lay the weed control blanket between the beads.

Use a few fleece Weed Guard Pegs to pin down the blanket to the ground using a hammer.

Step 3. Lay The Bark

Lay the bark generously on the ground. Use a rake to distribute the bark evenly.

Step 4. Start Planting Your Vegetables

Make sure you are happy with the finished look of your vegetable garden. Start planting your vegetables.



Over to you…

How do you suppress weeds in the garden?

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