How To Freeze Fresh Picked Strawberries

2nd August 2018
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After harvesting plenty of strawberries from our allotment we had fun eating them with cream but still, I found myself with ripe strawberries which no one in my family wanted to eat because they had eaten a lot of them.

So I decided to freeze some so that I could use them in smoothies and in fruit crumbles.

how to freeze strawberries


Here is how to freeze strawberries

What you will need

  • Ripe Strawberries

  • Tray

  • Knife

  • Ziplock Bag or container of your choice.

    frozen strawberries


1. Line a tray with cling film.

2. Wash your strawberries with cold water to remove any dirt on them.

3. Dry your strawberries and cut the stalks off.

3.  Cut them in half or leave them as a whole, place them on the tray lined with cling film.

4.  Put the tray in the freezer and let the strawberries sit there for about one hour.

5. Transfer the strawberry from the tray to a ziplock bag or to a container of your choice.

6. That’s it.

Freezing strawberries will change their texture, after thawing they become a bit soggy.

Frozen strawberries will keep for months and they can be used in many recipes such as porridge, baking muffins and making strawberry jam.

Over To You…

Do you like strawberry jam?

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