How To Easily Remove Oil Stains From Clothing

5th December 2016
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Staining your best item of clothing with oil can be disappointing. But don’t worry that oil can be removed easily.

kids wedding dress


I recently went to a party and somehow my youngest daughter some how managed to stained her lovely cream dress with oil from the party food.

I decided to try removing the oil stain with washing up liquid after advice from a dear friend. The results were amazing such that I decided to share the tip with you here.

Here is how you can remove oil stains from your clothing

What You Will Need

– Washing up liquid

– Washing machine


1. Apply the washing up liquid directly to the grease stain on the clothing.

2. Rub in the washing up liquid to saturate stained area

3. Let it sit for a few minutes.

4. Toss the clothing item with other clothing in the washing machine

5. When the washing cycle is done you stained clothing will be stain free again.

Over to you …

What do you use to remove other stains from your clothing?

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