How To Buy School Uniform On A Tight Budget

31st July 2017
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The average cost of school uniform for a child at secondary school is £316, for a child at primary school, it’s £251 according to Independent UK.

save money on school uniform

The cost of school uniform can be expensive for parents especially those with children starting primary or secondary school.

Here are some tips for buying school uniform on a tight budget.

1. Set  A Budget

Set out a budget for school uniform for your child and make sure you stick to it.

Start saving money for buying uniform as early as 6 months before your child starts school.

Use cash and not credit cards when buying school uniform to avoid getting into debt easily.

2. Plan Ahead

Start planning early and avoid rushing into buying school uniform. Make a list of things you want to by your child for school, keep this list with you and tick off thing from the list as you buy them.

Make a list of things you want to buy your child, keep this list with you and tick off items from the list as you buy them.

If you wait to buy school uniform in the last week of holidays you will struggle to get the whole set of uniform as most shop’s stock will have run out.

3. Buy Essentials Only.

Work out what is essential for your child’s  school uniform.

Find out how many skirts, trousers, shirts, socks, e.t.c your child will need for school.

When deciding this think about how many times will you be washing your child uniform this will guide you into deciding the number of items you should buy.

4. Compare Different Uniform Suppliers

Some schools are strict about where to buy school uniform whereas some schools are relaxed.

If your child’s school has two or more specialist school uniform suppliers it’s worth comparing prices to get good value for your money.

5. Consider Buying From Supermarkets

These days most supermarkets sell uniform at reasonable prices as compared to specialist school uniform suppliers.

Though supermarkets sell school uniform without embroidered school logo badges. You can consider buying school uniform from supermarkets and buying embroidered school logo badges from somewhere else.

Consider buying school uniform from supermarkets, the embroidered school logo badges from somewhere else.

Most embroidered school logo badges can be attached to supermarket school uniform using an iron.

Here are 4 places for buying embroidered school logo badges

*Our School Badge


*John Lewis 

*School Uniform Shops

6. Look Out For School Uniform Offers And Sales


uniform saleSave money by buying school uniform on offers and sales.

Most shops have great offers on school uniform from the end of June right through to mid- August.

Here is a list of shops which you can find great uniform offers.

*Marks and Spencer 20% off school uniform starts in July

*Sainsbury  Tu  25% off school uniform

*Debenhams 20% off school uniform starts early in June

*Aldi special buy school offer starts in July and also come in October.

*Lidl uniform sale starts in July.

7. Buy Multipacks.

Consider buying school uniform in multipacks instead of purchasing single items.

Multipacks are usually less expensive than single items.

8. Buy Second Hand

There are many places where you can buy used uniform at ridiculously low prices.

Find out if your child’s’ school has a second-hand school uniform shop where you can shop for school uniform.

Here are other places to buy second-hand school uniform.


*Car Boot Sales

*Charity Shops

*Facebook Local Selling Sites

*Netmums Nearly New Board

*Gum Tree


10. Consider Swapping

Swapping school uniform is a great way to save money.

If you have family and friends with younger and older children talk to them about starting a uniform swapping club.

11. Consider Hand Me Downs

Save school uniforms from your older children and pass it on to their siblings. This will save you lots of money on school uniform.

This will save you lots of money on school uniform.

10 Tips To Look For When Buying School Uniform

1. Buy non-iron crease resistant school uniform this will help you save more money as you don’t have to iron it

2. Buy scruff resistant shoes these shoes will last longer than other shoes.

3. Buy dark socks as they are easier to wash and care for than lighter socks. Light coloured socks such as white will stain easily.

4. Buy stain resistant school uniform as they last longer and you don’t have to worry about stains.

5. Buy machine washable school uniform instead of dry clean only which will cost a lot of money in the long run.

If you are going to buy school blazer for your child check to see if it’s machine washable.

6. Buy shower resistant coats as they are good for rainy days for your child as they can be used as a raincoat.

7. Buy trousers and skirts with adjustable waistbands this will make it comfortable and easier for your child to wear it.

8. Buy trousers with reinforced knees these will usually last longer than those without reinforcement at the knees which tend to rip easily.

Where To Get Free School Uniform

Free Uniform From The Government

If you are on low-income and are finding it hard to buy school uniform for your child you can get help.

The government can help you with the financial cost of buying school uniform.

Visit with school uniform

Free Uniform From Back-To-School Community Shop.

Back to school community is a charity run shop in Manchester, which helps parents with free school uniform for both primary and secondary children.

Free Uniform From Your Local Council

Check with your local authorities whether they offer some financial assistance toward school fees. Most local

Most local authorities provide financial assistance to parents on low income.

Free Uniform From Local Charities.

If you have charities in your local area, some of them offer help with school uniform you might want to ask them for help.

Top Tip: Buy Iron On Name Labels 

Remember to label each and every item of your child’s uniform with their name.

You can choose any of these iron-on name labels and attached them to your child’s school uniform items.

Do this will in case your child loses part of their school uniform.


As you can see there are many ways to save on school uniforms. school uniform does not have to cost you an arm and leg.with careful planning and knowing where to look for school uniform you will find it easier.

School uniform doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg.

With careful planning and knowing where to look for school uniform, you will find it easier and easier to buy your child’s school uniform.

Over to you…

Does your child like school dinners?

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