How Much Money Would You Save By Quitting Smoking Today.

20th March 2017
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According to National Statistics nearly 19% of adults in United Kingdom smoke cigarettes.

Quit Stop Smoking

This could sound alarming but this is actually a big shift considering that at one point in 1974 about 46% of adults in the United Kingdom smoked cigarettes.

Smoking is cigarettes can silently burn a hole in your pockets as it is expensive.

Don’t worry  I am not going to talk about how smoking cigarettes is bad for your health.

I am sure you already know the bad effects of smoking to your healthy already.

Although you keep on smoking.

If you stopped smoking today how much money would you save?

What will you do with the money you will save?

Holiday, buy a new car, deposit for a mortgage you name it there are a lot of things you could do with the money.

If you were to stop smoking today you would save thousands of pounds. The cost of cigarettes has been going up ever since they were discovered.

For example using this cost of smoking calculator say in a day you smoke an average of 12 cigarettes and taking into consideration that average cost of a 20 pack of cigarette is around £6.70

If you quit now you will save…

£30 after a week

£127 after a month

£1,542 after a year

£ 7,710 after 5 years

£15,421 after 10 years

£23,132 after 15 years

Take a good look at the money you could save. Aren’t  you tempted to stop smoking now?

3 Tips To Help You Stop Smoking

1. Distract Yourself From Cravings

When you decide to stop smoking make you don’t get bored which can tempt you to smoke again.

Keep yourselves busy by doing some activities below.

. Have a shower or a bath.
. Read a book or treat yourself to a magazine.
. Count up how much money you’ve saved since giving up.
. Do some exercise.
. Clean your house or flat.
. Write a letter or send an email.
. Go somewhere where you can’t smoke, like the cinema.
. Cook yourself something special and enjoy each mouthful.
. Do a crossword or puzzle.

2. Remind Yourself Why You Want To Stop Smoking.

Constantly remind yourself why you are smoking, think about the health benefits and the money you will save.

The rewards are far much better than the pain.

3. Get Help NHS Smoke Free Services

Get in touch with NHS Smoke-Free Service they give free support and advice on how to stop smoking.

They also offer advice on the medication you can get from NHS or from supermarkets  to help you stop smoking such as

. Champix tablets (varenicline)
. Zyban tablets (bupropion)
. Nicotine replacement therapies
. Patches
. Lozenges
. Microtabs
. Inhalators
. Nasal sprays

Over to you…

Are you ready to quit smoking now?

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