How Clean Is Your House By K Woodburn And A MacKenzie- Book Review

27th February 2018
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Here is a book review of

how clean is your house

How Clean Is Your House By K. Woodburn And A MacKenzie

What The Book Is About

This book was written as a follow up after Television Episodes of How Clean Is Your House presented by the authors of this book Kim Woodburn and Aggies Mackenzie.

In the Tv episodes, Kim Woodburn and Aggies Mackenzie visit filthy houses full of dirty and they clean them.

In this book, they show simple tips and tricks for keeping your house clean and tidy.

The book starts with the introduction of having cleaning routines in your house such as

Daily cleaning routines

Weekly cleaning routine

Monthly  cleaning routines

Spring cleaning routines

Autumn cleaning routines

They emphasise on how important cleaning routines are to keeping a house clean and they even show tasks to include in each routine.

They work through all different rooms of the house showing the best way to keep them clean.

They also share their cleaning kit essential items they keep in their cleaning caddy.

What I Thought About This Book

I really enjoyed this book, the pictures included in the book made it easy to understand and it well written.

After reading this book, I was really motivated to go and clean my house and clean all the spaces that I had been procrastinating on.

The simplicity of this book makes cleaning your house an enjoyable task and not a daunting task.

I like how the authors emphasised on the importance of doing a little bit each day rather than leaving all your cleaning to be done on a certain day.

They also share some easy homemade cleaners which is really a bonus to this book.

This book is for everyone who wants to have a clean house and is willing to do the part of cleaning,

It has many cleaning lessons that everyone can learn including young and old.

Over to you…

How clean is your house on the rating of 10?

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